Attempted Runner.

Food intolerant.

As I sit here on my lunch break with an incredibly loud rumble in my tummy, I realize this is going to be harder than I thought.

I had stomach problems before. I was forced to go gluten free and everything became peachy keen.

Then within the last year, my belly starts to rumble. Loudly. It sounds like a 72 car locomotive going past a dilapidated shack…imagine if you lived inside that shack and how terrifyingly loud it would sound. Yep, that’s my stomach noise. It gets bloated. I’ll save the details but let’s just say if I was on a run, I couldn’t have to worry about using a porta potty or any toilet for that matter.

So once again I have to narrow it down. I’m currently convinced that it’s a fructose malabsorption (sugar hates me). They do have a test for that but I haven’t emailed my doctor to ask for it yet. I’m still tracking so I have some convincing material for my Doc.

Going GF was tough at first but now it’s second nature. A fructose intolerance? With my current locomotive stomach…is just prooves that this is going to be ridiculously hard.


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I have to ask, not just because weight is important, but did you lose any weight going gluten free? I think it would generally make me feel better to do it, and lighter but I wonder if its worth the hassle…

Comment by Maisa Leibovitz

I hate this question. I hate it because a lot of people think gluten free is a quick easy way to loose weight. I’ll be brutally honest, I did loose weight and this is the important part to focus on…it wasn’t because I went GF. Eating GF foods has just as much, if not more calories, fat and everything else as regular food.
I lost the weight because I ended up cutting out a lot of junk food that I thought I couldnt have anymore. Processed foods were not on my shopping list. I made better choices when I went out to eat. I was now forced to pick the heathier options (chicken and vegetables) as opposed to the giant bowl of creamy chicken Alfredo pasta dish that I normall would have got. Going GF doesnt change anything…it’s how you change your old habits that matter. Im still GF but gained some weight back because they have gluten free replacements for everything now; cupcakes, pizzas, cookies, pop tarts, now processed lasagna! anything you think of there’s a substitute for it. It’s about eating healthy, in moderation (a handful of chips, not a bagfull…I gotta remember that), and exercise that works everytime.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’m sorry, but I had to ask. I went vegan a while back because I wanted to learn about alternative diets and because I generally thought it would make me feel better. I’ve had a lot of gastro problems throughout my life. Vegan was like you described GF now–full of substitutions, cookies, cupcakes, fake meats, fake dairy, which in fact are just as unhealthy. I ended up gaining a lot of weight because I missed protein and made up for it with carbs. I would eat entire loaves of bread to feel full. By the end of it, all the gluten made my stomach hurt even worst.
I guess the appeal of GF for me is that it “targets
” or deals with the stomach fat and the gastro issues, which is why I would imagine it would be helpful for weight loss but also as a way to feel better or “lighter”. This “lightness” is what I’m always hoping to achieve.
Thanks for your insight

Comment by Maisa Leibovitz

No need to apologize. If it’s more feeling bloated or bogged down like you just had a greasy burger and other stomach issues, then by all means test it out (I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it). See if it makes you feel better health wise but remember just like going vegan it won’t help with the weightloss. Per the allergist I spoke with, go GF for 7 weeks, that’s how long it takes to get completely out of your system. On the 8th week, eat gluten for a few meals/days and see how you feel. I think I felt “lighter,” healthier, cleaner on the inside when I was eating more natrually. A clean diet, so to speak.

Comment by Attempted Runner

My doc put me on a low FODMAP diet awhile back. It’s a giant pain in the ass but it does help. Granted I am only pulling it off Monday through Friday but I can tell the difference. He also told me that to some extent I will have to deal with my issues as they are aggravated by my GERD medication. Boo. I hope things get better for you.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

I applaud you. This FODMAP thing is tough. Specially when my favorite things are on the don’t eat list.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yeah I’m not a fan, I do ok with breakfast, lunch and snacks but I have problems with dinner. And pizza… Still haven’t given up pizza 🙂

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Considering you’re close to Woodstocks, I wouldn’t give it up either.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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