Attempted Runner.

Caution: This is X-weighted.

*This page will get updated frequently as progress will be made. Scroll to the bottom for the most recent updates as of September 2013.


Enter, 1983: I started out as a chunky kid, but that’s no surprise there. I was active and always outside, getting dirty. I played and I played hard.

In elementary school, I was average just like all the other kids. Normal healthy weight and all that jazz. Then I hit puberty and skyrocketed. I was always the tallest in my class and that was just awkward. I also put on some weight. In elementary school, that’s the farthest thing from your mind so again, it was not big deal.

Junior High: I was still taller than everyone and heavier. I wasn’t active anymore. I wore baggy pants and starter jackets to cover myself. Oh Junior High, how wrong you were.

High School: I was no longer one of the tallest at my school but of my friends, I was. I was probably about 15- 20 pounds overweight. Not that much of a big deal, but in high school – everything matters. Sweatshirts becams my best friend. I didn’t participate in any sports (other than mandatory 2 years of gym…nastics). I wanted to blend in and not stand out like the “athletes” at my school. That is probably one of my regrets now. If I can go back and change anything from High School, that’s what I would change…I would have tried out for sports.

I graduated, got a job and still stayed about 15-20 pounds overweight. In a four year span of working two of the “this-won’t-be-my-career-for-the-rest-of-my-life” type jobs, I found the local Burrito joints that became the lunch break hangout.

Burritos and Nacho Cheese were my downfall. At first I didn’t notice the weight gain, because it wasn’t anything substantial. Maybe about another 10 pounds or so. I was tall and I think this picture was 175ish. When I stood straight, it wasn’t as noticeable but as you can see…when I sat – inner tube! This was 2008.


Notice the bowl of Nachos…..

Then apparently from there……it went downhill.


Above: Disneyland.

Below: Camping because I wouldn’t go out like this in normal public.


I just love my rolled up pant/sock combo…Gosh this was horrible. I believe these were the epitome of my highest weight, from 2010- 2011. I got to 212 pounds. I think the camping photo was what did it for me. I tried doing weight watchers and it worked for a bit, but the points thing just wasn’t for me. I ended up switching to counting calories. I never exercised cause I was lazy so just cutting calories I dropped 12 pounds. I staggered around 200 pounds for the longest time.

Enter: 2011. My sister had an epiphany and decided to sign up for a 5k. She wanted a running partner so I signed up with her. I didn’t train at all, but I figured 3 miles was no big deal. Three miles, is a big deal. I felt defeated and couldn’t do it….I was determined to exercise more.  I didn’t….(if you read any of my blog posts before 4/28/2013 then you would know I was the “Attempted Runner, Convicted Slacker.” Long story short, before now [April 29, 2013] I signed up for 5ks, 10ks, 1 half marathon but only did about 3% training…I didn’t learn. Don’t worry, I dropped the convicted slacker so moving forward all that will change!!! I Swear it!)


Above: Alzheimer’s memorial walk. I was large and in charge.


This was the morning of my first 5k -February 2011. I think I “went up” in weight and perhaps was 207 lbs. After I did this race, this is when my (lack of) training went into place and I started to eat a little better and just hovered around 198-202 forever. I thought I’d get no where.

Despite the lack of training (because I was still lazy and it was hard work) I still signed up for 5ks.

bb5k img_5976

As you can tell, in July of 2011 (the top photo) not a whole lot of progress was made. Not by weight, or 5k course time. I do look smaller, but I think it was just the angle. The weight STILL did not improve by July 2011 (bottom photo) – still horribly overweight. This was probably around, again 195…Course time didn’t improve either.

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app, because I finally got with the program and got a smart phone. It made things a lot easier. I finally started to loose weight, but barely…I was 190 but couldn’t break to 189.  In December of 2011, I went to Las Vegas and got the Flu. I was puking up a storm down the Strip one night and I didn’t have an ounce of alcohol in my system. I don’t condone drinking till you puke on your shoes and I DO NOT, I Repeat DO NOT approve of vomiting to make yourself loose weight.
However, because I was sick and was puking, I like to think of that as my jump start to the new me…It was a trickle effect. When I returned from Vegas (New Years Eve), I was 189. I finally passed the 190 mark and thought I could do it now (minus the vomiting of course).

Then I went Gluten free, and it was not by choice. Let me point out the obvious – I was pissed. I loved food too much to cut out the good stuff. After 3 years of stomach problems, I was finally diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and my world shattered; 80% of the food in my house was no longer an option and I wanted to cry. I couldn’t eat at normal restaurants or enjoy pot lucks. Well, since I couldn’t stuff my face with the items in my house anymore…I didn’t pig out on junk. I had to go shopping and this caused me to actually pay attention to nurtional labels. Something I should have done a long time ago. This helped a lot more.

By July of 2012, I lost 15-20 pounds since I was eating healthier. I think someone was onto something when they said to read nutritional labels.    415795_4191238551256_269504942_o

That’s me on my Summer trip to visit my grandparents. Side note: I love Amish John’s scooter.

Since my belly was no longer killing me hurting every day, I felt good….Good enough to finally start exercising. I was actually running/jogging/walking at least 3 times a week. Trust me, this is a BIG improvement from previous years.479121_10200642286011588_22623537_o

October 2012 (above – at Survivor Mud run): My weight started flat lining at this point and I hit the dreaded plateau at 165. I stayed at 165 for the next couple months. Because I was getting discouraged I started to slack off on the exercise, although I shouldn’t have because my first Half Marathon was just around the corner.  My running dropped to 2 days a week…1 day if I was lucky. I still ate well, but couldn’t pass 165.


New Years Day 2012.

Below: At the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend – End of January 2013


After my Half marathon, that I didn’t train for….I developed hip bursitis. Don’t feel sorry for me, I deserved it since its my own fault. Who decides to go to Disneyland, walk around the park for 8-10 hours for 3 days in a row and on top of that do a 5k one of those days as well as a half marathon? Stupid…Over exertion. Never would of happened if I trained and built strength.

I took February and March off because I couldn’t walk 1 mile without my hip hurting. I still managed my diet. I got the eating part down, like its second nature. Sometimes. Because I wasn’t running anymore, I feared I just gain the weight back so I got (as a gift) a bosu ball. I played with that and did yoga a few times a week and my plateau was over. After 6 months, I finally got passed 165!!

882578_10200492372063833_1558335987_oAbove: First run since the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and I was a whopping 160. This is my favorite picture, only because the angle of it and the way I am standing, it looks like I am 150.


April update: I was 157 pounds just two weeks ago (April 14th). I also smashed my finger in the door and that is why I was showing off my finger that has at least 5 Band-Aids.

July update: My hip bursitis is getting better. I went to my local running store and found out that since I lost a lot of weight, I no longer needed the Brook’s Ariel’s and was over correcting. I got fitted for some New Balance shoes and that first day wearing them, I ran 2 miles without problems. 6 months of not being able to do anything was corrected all by a new pair of shoes. I started a 12 week training program that’ll take me right up to the Inaugural Disneyland 10k.

September update: I was doing great during my training program. My weight still didn’t change as I remain at 160. About 8 weeks (August) into my training, I developed ITBS from all the hill work I was doing. Then a few other problems happened and I didn’t do much exercise of any type. I had a few bad 5ks (Had to walk the entire thing) and started to get discouraged again. I would like to say that the first week did wonders, but I gained 4 pounds some how. Although I look like a complete dweeb in this photo and its not appealing in anyway what’s so ever…I think its funny and therefor, I post it.


January 2014:
I was stuck at 160, so in November/December I had this genius idea to GAIN 5 pounds because maybe it would trick my body and I would have a new jump start and be able to loose more than that. Never do that around the holidays. I gained it and forgot about the part to loose it. I’m now back to 165-168, depending how my days going. I just need that push to try harder again.


Still eating, I see.


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