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#juneathon 7: tuckered.
06.07.15, 18:47
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I’m so…….so…..what’s a good word? So, frustrated. The last two weeks have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Things have been going in waves. I’m stressed, then I’m not. I’m anxious then not. Irritated. Happy. Tired. Wide awake. Multiple times these last few days I’ve just cried (for like 2 seconds) out of frustration. I’ll explain why later, for now…I’ll pass.

So, its no big surprise that I just want my bedtime to be 6:45. I’m beat and I’m 124% counting today as a legit Juneathon because I spent the last 7 hours just working.


House work….a lot of house work (I cleaned like a boss. I even had to vacuum three effin’ times), school work, paperwork, was a doggie groomers to two pups (Milo not included) and did a few other things that were just physically demanding.

And I’m so beat, I totally lost my train of thought and I’m ok with that. I’m calling it a night.


#juneathon 6: Today was a loooooong day.
06.06.15, 23:36
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I finally had a restful full nights sleep in awhile. I woke up at 5:30am, but felt back asleep for another three hours. I wanted to get up earlier to do a run (not the group run, but my own solo run), but one minute I was on my phone checking emails, texts, and the time. The next minute, I was waking up wiping drool from my mouth. We were meeting some friends at 11, so I couldn’t run, because getting dressed is a little more important. I did play with BG but that didn’t add up to much activity. Sticker books just don’t make you break a sweat. I also got to hang with EFigwhich is always fun. So much so, that time flew by and it was 5pm! On the way home, we stopped at another friends house until 9!! This being social thing is tiring.

We all took a walk around the neighborhood because it was a beautiful night, but it was defiantly time to go home since our pups were locked up in the house for 12 hours. I felt horrible about that. Again, I didn’t get any Juneathon things done except that walk around the block. I need go step up my Juneathon game. Big time.

#juneathon 5: I lasted 3 days.
06.06.15, 23:22
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Day 4 turned into a rest day. Day 5 was going to be active with miniature golfing. Apparently High School Graduations ruin those plans because the golf course was closed early for some event. So, we didn’t go golfing, but this ended up happening instead..


Also three 3/4s cup nacho cheese………………..

#juneathon 4: Insert Yosemite Sam expletives here.
06.05.15, 07:08
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Juneathon 4, was pretty much as good as one of Fozzie Bear’s jokes. I just took a wocka wocka.


Btw, I adore how Fozzie is biting his lip to suppress his laughter.

Yesterday (June 4) was tough. I woke up at 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was tired. I was busy…er at work. I felt anxious all day. Stressed and frazzled all seemed to go together. I was all out of sorts. So much so, I ran my car into the fence (it wasn’t a mile, but least I ran something. Wocka wocka) and scrathed the side mirror. Yes, my brand new car that I make a point to park in certain spots to not get dings. I’m beating myself up over it. Something came up, so I had to go out for a bit. I ended up talking a little stroll but I don’t even know if it was long enough to be classified as exercise. Today (really yesterday, as I’m typing it on the 5th), turned out to be a rest day I guess.  I was still tired and frazzled but feeling less stressed and anxious.

I met up with A and he took me to dinner. While looking at the menu, I said to him, “Should I just get my egg burger because I need comfort?” He told me, even if I wasn’t stressed, I would probably still get the egg burger. He’s right. He knows me so well. I was all set to order when I realized the next day (Juneathon 5) was Burgers and Balls night and that meant not an egg burger….but even better!  A burger with cups (yes, that’s plural) of nacho cheese!!!! Don’t worry, you’ll probably see pictures when I’m enjoying it. At the very last minute, I ordered the ensanada chicken platter (basically, a side salad and two pieces of chicken).
After eating dinner, I started to feel better. I get home and finish my homework. By this time, it’s 9pm (still been up since 130) and despite being tired, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 10:30ish. What a day! Bright side, I woke up and the scale was down again. Guess not ordering the egg burger was a good thing, even though at the time I thought otherwise.

I love food. 

#Juneathon 2: I spent 16 minutes just thinking about how good dinner was going to be.
06.02.15, 21:11
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I took a half hour lunch today, as opposed to my normal hour long lunch, just so I could get home a half hour earlier. Being home just a half hour earlier gives me more time in the evening to do a workout, since it’s only about 3 hours of free time from getting home to bedtime. Yes, I normally get home by four. Yes, that then means I usually go to bed by seven. I love sleeping. Don’t judge.

Anyway!! I got home by three thirty only to release my WiFi wasn’t working because our 12 year old router finally crapped out on us. It wasnt that big of a deal that the internet was down since I still had my mobile internet on my phone if I needed it…except I had homework to do (due on the 5th) and my phone wouldnt load one of the documents. Ah poopsticks!  I spent the better part of an hour trouble shooting as to why it would connect to WiFi but not to the internet. Then when that resulting it nothing but wasted time, I tried teathering my mobile data to my laptop. That didn’t work either. Good thing I got off work early. When A got home, I told him what was going on and he went out on his own accord to get me a new router to do my homework. Within 5 minutes of him being back, we were all systems go.

I just never ended up doing my homework. Hey, I still have tomorrow and Thursday! It was around 6pm and I knew if I didn’t do any juneathon shenanigans, I never would have done them. It was a now or never situation, so weighing my options of juneathon or homework, I opted for junearhon. Because really, having to end the streak after only one day seemed pretty lame. I jumped on the treadmill because I can do that without the need of the internet. You know, things like YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne or Jessice Smith TV) or mobile Apps (NTC or sworkit). Although I fixed the internet problem, I was still pretty peeved by its nom working antics, that I wasn’t going to use it. On principle.

I figure the first week of Juneathon, I’ll go easy on myself to get into the swing of things, so I only ran a mile. It took me awhile (15:56!!!…dear lord) and it was an entire mile of me thinking about dinner.


Once that stupid mile was over I made dinner, surprisingly ate a lot less than I actually thought I would (considering it was chili cheese tator tots!!! Oh. And a salad was added in there somewhere), score!!

After licking my fingers clean (not really since I used a fork, it just sounded nice) I was able to get into bed and sign off with a blog update. Now, because of all that….I’m pushing two hours past my bedtime! Yikes!

Juneathon 2 – Done!

#juneathon 27: Break Stuff
06.27.14, 14:39
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It’s day’s like today that I wished I was a member at the UFC gym. Not only would I get into shape but I would also be able to punch someone something in the face.

I feel…..


I feel angry.

Queue up my sophomore-senior year (and the following years after) playlist of Limp Bizkit on repeat, in particular Break Stuff because its just one of those days…and now that I think about it…Slipknots People=Shit was another goodie.

Which makes me think of F.A.T.A, Atreyu, Thrice, Deftones…..Juggernaut….shoot…all these guys..

oh the good ‘Ol days.

You know, the days that everyone and everything just irriates you to pieces. You limit conversations to one or two words thinking people will take the hint that your busy and leave you alone. Your headphones on the most loudest setting that will allow you to not go deaf but still be able go emerse yourself into your own grumpy bubble.

I want to be left alone.

And I don’t even have any snacks or good food to est except stale chips and a stupid poptart. I don’t even like pop tarts. 

Since I’m not a UFC member, nor do I have a punching bag at home, I’ll have to work on doing some other physical activity to release some steam. Bicycle again? Maybe a quick run. Maybe I’ll even pull out the ol NTC app.

#juneathon 25 – 26: I won stuff.
06.26.14, 14:20
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I won some stuff…did I ever mention that? Ultimate Direction was doing s giveaway with Zooms Run and I was selected the first week for this handheld.


Then a week or two ago, Gone For A Run was doing s sock giveaway. We all know I love me some socks!!


They’re so bright!!!


With that said, yesterday’s juneathon spent on the foam roller. My body is stiff, partly from sitting all day and partly because of my Tuesday workout. I was giving the “this makes me want to vomit it hurts so bad” face the entire time I was rolling around.

Tonight, I’m going to go on a bicycle ride. I don’t know how far yet (at LEAST 3 miles) but I do know I’ll stick to more of a relatively flat surface. Hills are the farthest thing from my mind at the moment.