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It’s going well! 
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I gave myself a month before I provided an update. I wanted to get into the swing of things with. I didn’t want to add a bunch of stuff right off the bat and get overwhelmed. I took it “easy.” 

For the first two weeks of my new-found goal in life, I focused on food. I joined weight watchers. I made better choices. I used a scale to weigh out portions. Once I handled food decently enough, I incorporated the gym. 

I tested it out with a four day pass. I then signed up, and basically, I have gone 5 days a week for the past month. Some times it was 6. I never went less than 5, except when… I was on fever/side effects for vaccines watch on Nuggs. I made a schedule so I wouldn’t go in and just half ass it. 

Monday – cardio. 

Tuesday – legs/lower body

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – arms/upper body. 

Friday – Nike Training Club for at least 45 minutes. 

Saturday – swimming and cheat day!!

Sunday – rest

My schedule seems to be working out well.

When I tie them together, the results, a little over a month later are pleasing. 

I’ve lost 10.8 pounds and 2inches everywhere except my thighs (0.5 down) and my arms (no change). 

One month down, a bunch to go. 


100th post is about absolutely nothing!

Well….now I feel obligated to write something meaningful and/or enjoyable for everyone to read. But, I probably won’t. HA. I haven’t really been around the blog since Thanksgiving. I would like to say its because I’ve been super busy but in reality its more like lazy.  What have I been up to though? Let’s see…in no particular order:

The last 10 pound weight loss, hasn’t gone entirely as I planned. Maybe its because I did it the week before Thanksgiving and all the GF cornbread stuffing I ate after words didn’t help? Or because I’ve actually been active regularly again and I’m getting more muscle. Or….I’m just eating too much and am in denial? Maybe its the ladder or a combination of it all, but I have been tracking things. I’m 27 days strong on MFP. The scale…..has gone up! 167.2! Umm, Hello Beauford! You’re suppose to be showing me numbers below 166! Whatever. I’ll get there eventually. Rather than focus on the scale regularly, I’ll focus on what’s more important….

Like birthdays and other celebrations!

L Pie’s (cousin) 2nd birthday was last week and it was held at Chuck E Cheeses. We shut that place down! I played with C for awhile on the arcade games and tried to teach him the awesomeness of skee ball, but his generation doesn’t know the coolness factor of it. That, and he’s also 3, so he can’t really roll the ball hard enough to make any points.wpid-IMG_20131204_184614.jpg

We’re also having a party at work, so of course, rather than working, I spent the morning making our sign up sheet for what to bring. It’s really a Christmas party, but we do have one person who is a Jehovah Witness and they pretty much don’t celebrate anything so we didn’t want to leave her out, therefore we made it the famous 12/12/12 @ 12:00 party.  wpid-PicsPlay_1386172225151.jpg

It’s the 12/12/12 party because while both me and my coworker were discussing via chat, when to have the party…at the same time we both sent messages with the same date…… of 12/12/12! That’s how cool we are. Didn’t dawn on us that its 12/12/13.


Skinny Chick (J) from is doing the 12 days of Christmas Giveaways and I was the 2nd day of give away winner for the Bic Bands. I haven’t received them yet, nor have heard from the company on how I get my gift….but I’ll be sure to contact them soon and also do a product review on the Bic Bands.

My Husband (Still weird to say), put up our Christmas Tree. He did it in Red, white and blue with old car ornaments. It’s going to be an American Christmas apparently. He likes to decorate for Christmas, which is kind of funny because of his view on the holiday but whatever. I like the lights. He even put lights around the windows and my metal sunflower that he made me.


I tested out the Mizuno Inspire 9’s that I got around the beginning of the week. I only went 2 miles. The first mile I didn’t have my inserts in and my back started hurting. I put my inserts in and finished up, but I don’t think it was enough to correct my back pain, so the rest of the night it hurt. Then I ended up wearing them during yesterday’s long run (which I’ll blog about next, since I’m not lazy at the moment!) and for the first 2 miles my left foot was hurting, but I think it was more that I was getting use to the support and everything from a new shoe.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been keeping up with the activity (ok ok…its no 6 days a week like its suppose to be, but its better than nothing!) and on Thursday I did a kettlebell workout. Now…There is something about squats and lunges that we all hate, but add a kettlebell into the mix and you just want to die. During the 45 minute workout (I was dying and only did 30 minutes), it seemed to be ok and I was like, YEA! THIS IS AWESOME! I’M DOING IT! THIS IS EASY! THIS WILL BE MY WEEKLY STRENGTH ROUTINE!!!

And then Friday happened….I was sore all in my quad/thigh areas, so I was just in the mindset of….ok..maybe it’ll be only once a week.

and then…..

Saturday happened. NO MORE KETTLEBELL!!! I was so sore I could barely walk right. I did the famous, grab the sink and the wall while trying to sit down on the toilet maneuvers. I sore like a sailor when I had to get into my sisters car. It took me longer than the average 80 year old to bend down and pick up something I dropped. My legs were on fire and there was nothing I could do about it….You know what I did do though? My Saturday group run. That was smart.  I’m not so sore anymore today, so I no longer hate the kettlebell aftermath and maybe I’ll just add it back in once a week. It can only be Monday-Wednesday because there is no way I’m EVER doing a kettlebell workout again 2 days prior to a run.

I was nominated three times in the last month for blog awards. I haven’t done anything with them yet, but I will…..I usually lollygag on reposting them because I can never think of those “interesting facts” that they usually have you post about yourself. Its hard enough to do it on one..but I have to do it on three! I’ll get around to it. I swear!

I’m a member of and earlier in the year I signed up for the 2013 reader challenge where you set how many books you would want to read in the year. In 2012, I had a bucketlist goal to read 100 books in a year. I accomplished that goal, so 2013 I went easy with 62 books. I don’t know if its because I’ve been training more, falling asleep earlier or what, but I haven’t really read as regularly as I normally did. Before, I would read 1-2 books a week…Now I’m lucky if I finish a book in 1-2 weeks. I’m only on 47 out of 62 and have less than a month to go. I don’t think I’ll accomplish that goal. Oh well…there is always 2014.

I don’t really watch TV (except 3-4 shows) and that is why I was able to read as much as I did….However, I don’t think thats the case this time. Rather than actually reading at night, or during lunch breaks, or on the treadmill (its harder, but can be done), I jumped on the good show band wagon. I’ve watched 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and still have 2 left. I got sidetracked with Breaking Bad because I found the Walking Dead to be much more entertaining. I finished season 1 – 3 and waiting desperately for them to add season 4 to Netflix. I could go back to watching Breaking Bad, but then I found Dexter. I’m already on Season 2 and just started last week (We have Wi-Fi at work and I can totally multitask) and in January, they’ll add seasons 5-8. Stay away from Netflix people.

Lets see…the last piece of absolutely nothing news, is that its freezing! California doesn’t get these types of temperatures! What the heck is going on! 27 degrees tonight? The highs of 45? Where’s my 55 degree winters?!

It’s not even winter yet is it?

Don’t judge me, Ladies….it’s not my fault.
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It’s been one week (work week, I still have today and tomorrow) that I’ve started my new “plan.” Let’s just say it’s going nicely.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I did a combination of a 1.50 mile run walk combo (1/2 mile was walking for the warm up), a Pilates workout and a calorie combustion bosu ball workout which felt more like a step aerobics class. It made me sweat regardless of what kind of activity it was. I also managed to stay within my calories by at least 100-200. It’s a win, compared to what I ate just the week prior.
I’ve still managed to squeeze some nacho cheese into everything..every day…so its still a win in my book. Incorporate your favorite food into your new “diet” plan and it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.
Thurday, I didn’t feel so hot after dinner so I just watched Jeopardy instead and went to bed right after. Yes, that means at 7:30 I was tucked in and by 8 I was sleeping. No workout, minus a point.
Friday, I had my book night club meeting and I still had 50% of the book to read, so I read instead then drove to the meeting. I still have 60 pages to go but at least I was able to discuss it…..with only 2 other members, as they read the book. Three others gave up (two watched the movie though) and the rest, didn’t even bother. It’s ok though, it was hard. For the first 200 pages I had no clue what was going on. The book was incredible close and extremely loud…..or vice versa. I got home late, so again….no workout. Minus Two points.

This morning, however, I did meet up with J to do my scheduled 2.0 mile run. I got a new knee brace to see of that would help, but I left it at home. I taped with the KT tape I had in my gear bag and soon it was time for the group to run. I was complaining of it being cold….all the while, I had shorts on. J took my picture cause we don’t seem to get a lot of pictures in anymore. Sad. You can clearly see my coldness in this photo. But don’t worry… 3/4s in the jacket came off and I was just in my shorts and tank top.


I don’t know about you, but the two ladies in white on the left of the photo, I feel like they are judging me. They probably are jealous of my PC socks or my Mickey shoes. Either way….jerks. Don’t judge me. I can’t help it.

So, moving right along. We statted the group run and I was able to keep up with some of the group. At the stop light, I caught up with the gazelles of the group and did a mental knee pain check. I was doing ok.  The little guy told me it was safe to cross, so I ran again. Still being able to keep up with the group but falling a little behind. I turned to a walk at 3/4 and took my jacket off and finished the remaining mile for my turn around. I told J that she could go with the rest of the group to get her 4-5 miles in but she said no. Part of it, I think is that she feels obligated to stay with me but I also think another part is that she’s a little intimidated to run with the others. ::::shrugs:::.
So, I get to the 1 mile marker and my knee was doing ok. Great, right? Wrong!! Since it was 48℉ out, my asthma decided that it didn’t like the cold. I started coughing more, couldn’t breathe, thought it was funny so I tried to laugh, but because I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t laugh. I sounded like an 80 year old smoker. I did some yoga breathing and walked maybe .20 miles. It was then that we stopped to determine if all the fake coyotes in the soccer field (to prevent gopher holes) were fake or not (all but one was), when one of the huff and puffers member started talking to us, so we pretty much just continued walking the rest of the way back. Once we got back to the stop light I was able to breathe better, so we ran the rest of the way. Partly cause I could breath but more so that I would have been able to get to my car (reads inhaler) a little quicker. My scheduled 2 mile run turned into a 1.2 mile rum and 1 mile walk. At least it was something.
I need to get outside more so my lungs get use to the cold. Asthma ruins all the fun…that’s why I’m not a huge fan of winter running. The rest of the year, my asthma doesn’t bother me. It use to be exercised induced asthma, but it turned into weather induced asthma. If it’s not one thing keeping me from running, it’s another.

I’ll keep going though. Tomorrow is my rest day, but since I took both Th/Fr off, I’ll throw something into the mix. Weekends are also harder with keeping calories. I tend to eat more on weekends, since I have a whole kitchen at my disposal rather than just a lunch box during the week. We also go out to eat more on weekends.

It won’t deter me. So far, my plan is working. I’ve lost 3 pounds, so maybe I’m on the right track.

Oh! I also got a picture that could explain things. My hip problems are on the left. I may over compensate for that and that’s why the right knee hurts and I wear a brace. Maybe it’s really my left inside knee…cause when I’m not doing anything, that part hurts….and what the heck is this?

Failure is always an option

A few weeks ago was when I gave up.
I tried excercising and I tried counting calories, but I just couldn’t get the scale to budge. I still had the dreaded ten pounds that wouldn’t go away. In the process of trying to loose it, I just got so frustraited (keep in mind this has been building for the last few months) that I gave up and took a break. It was then in my act of desperation that I was hit with a brilliant idea.
Well, let’s not call it brilliant just yet. I’ll need to see what the end results are before I can call it anything.
You know how they tell you that when you hit a plateau, to eat a little more than normal in order to throw your body off and it won’t know what to do? So, when you do start eating right again and whatever else, it helps you break through the plateau? Well, that never worked for me. I just continued to stay at the same place week after week after week.
Cue genius moment.

I was thinking, maybe I would throw my body so off kilter that it’ll have no choice but to move off the plateau.  So, for the last two weeks, I haven’t done anything. No running (except reading, dreaming or thinking about it). No yoga, even at times I felt I needed a nice stretch. No lifting weights or squats. I didn’t step on the scale, I didn’t log into and I didn’t put one article of dry wicking clothing on. Part of my evil genius plan was to even make it a point to gain 5 pounds.
Crazy, right?
Or bloody brilliant.
The only way to loose something, is to gain something first. I had nachos every day for two weeks, I had cream cheese frosting on my pancakes, I ate and ate…I ate like a wretched champ.

Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I would have to stop at some point and get back on track. I failed at that. I failed at not meeting my original goal. However, I agree with the MythBusters; Failure is always an option.

If you fail, then you finally know when you can start over and try again. Henry said it best.


Today marks the end of phase 1 in my expeirment. No more being the type that I tend to criticize in my head. You know, the ones who don’t even try. The ones that might complain about being overweight but never do anything about it. Well, according to the scale this morning, I’m back into the “overweight” category at 166.

But I’m going to do something about it.

I dusted off the cobwebs from my MyFitnessPal app, so I’ll be starting that first thing tomorrow. I also spent about 2 hours creating my training calendar for the next few months. The picture below takes me 13 weeks in, up to the first week in February, but overall I have things “loosely” scheduled into July…because there are a few Half’s that might start to look promising. I only say loosely, because I don’t want to jump the gun with my knee.


I’m starting over, 1 mile at a time. It might take 13 weeks to reach the highest mileage of 6 miles, but again….sometimes you got to start from the begining to get to where you were. If it takes me 26 weeks for a half marathon, I’m ok with that too. I prefer to ease into things if I have too with my knee and not overdue it. I got tired of sidelining it for most of 2013. 

As I said, I was 166. That means I gained 6 pounds. I’m still ok with that…it was my idea, remember? I’ll loose the six and hopefully, the last ten to go with it. I lost more than that before (50lbs) so when you have a new starting goal to loose, 16 pounds doesn’t seem as traumatic. It’ll be easy, right?


Let’s just hope this expeirment has a good end result. It’s real science here at work, people. I got a hypotesis and its time to experiment….please just let me reach the right conclusion.

One too many squats and I’m more of a NOT-ary.

Week 2 of training shouldn’t be hard. It’s week two for goodness sake. Week 3 or 4 maybe, because you get into more runs and more muscles-are-starting-to-feel-all-the-cross-training. Week 3/4 all makes sense, but not week 2, I barley got started.

Week 2 was easy. Monday run 2 miles. Tuesday NTC. Wednesday rest. Thursday kettlebell, Friday yoga, Sat. 3 mile run and sun. Rest.

What really happened: Monday was a tough 2 miles. My stupid ITBS decided to shoot some pains into my knee somewhere towards the end. I did my 2 miles, but it sucked and made me get that, why am I even doing this – I’m not a runner attitude.
Tuesday, I forgot why, but I ended up not even doing my workout at all.
Wedneday, I decided I’d swap Tuesday and Wednesday. I did the NTC workout and why do squats have to be so…..I don’t know what word I am looking for is. They are bad, but good all that the dame time. After 30 mins. of a lot of leg work, I could barley walk without Jell-o legs. I was able to stand tall when trying on my wedding dress though.
Thursday – I didn’t do my workout because my boss had this crazy idea to have me be a notary, as well as my other 15 job titles. She said my training and exam were Friday (as in 9/27). However, she told me this on Tuesday (yes, just three days prior!!). I decided I had to study instead.
Friday – My hamstrings didn’t want to work because of all the lunges and squats from Wednesday. Why is it, two days later you always feel it more? Or is that just me? I walked around with the sore swagger.


When I sat up or down, I made grunting noises. Oh it was fun. I also sat in this Notary class/exam from 730-530. I would like to say I did well, but I don’t think I did. I don’t care what people say, that shit is hard. It’s one thing to study and have a good instructor, it’s another to only have 3 days to study and have an instructor that was so wishy washy. Its a lot to learn and I was getting so confused. The instructor was like, “It’s a felony to do this… excuse me, I said that wrong…it’s a misdemeanor.” “A acknowledgment needs this….no excuse me, I said that wrong…a jurot needs this.” Rinse and repeat that for the entire class. Even the notaries who were there for recertification were answering questions wrong and looked just as confused as I was…and they’ve been doing it for 4+ years! By the time the test came around, I was answering like him….oh it’s A. Wait…no it’s C. Fuck! What did he say? I could only get 9 out of 30 wrong. I think I may have gotten 10-11 wrong. I was fine with it earlier today, but now I can’t sleep from it. I wouldn’t say it’s entirely my fault becaud the instructor couldn’t get his words right and I had such short notice so I couldn’t study as much as I’d like too, but “I’m smarter than that.” I should pass it the first time. Specially if my co worker passes and I don’t. That’ll be horrible because she’s not one of the fastest learners. Unless she knows how to play dumb really well in order to not have a lot of duties assigned to her. In my position at work, if I fail, it’ll suck even more. Not to brag, but my co-workers and boss have me on this pedestal, you’re-smart-you-know-everything-you-never-mess-up (hence my 15 job titles), and if I didn’t pass….then crap.
Anyway, I ended up doing a full hour of yoga to help loosen my hammies up and to detox from this notary nonsense.
Tomorrow (it’s really today, Saturday, as its 1am) is a 3 mile run. J and I plan to do the flat course. I hope it goes better than the rest of the week. I’m still deciding if I should take my scheduled rest day on Sunday or do something since I skipped Thursday. I did do an hour of yoga instead of the 30 minutes, but I don’t really consider yoga much of a workout. It’s tough but it’s too easy. It’s like squats.

The good news in all this, In my last post I mentioned I gained 4 lbs of wedding dress stress. I think after getting my dress on Wedneday, my stress deflated because I was 159.8 this morning.

I’ll never run out of pancakes now.

Sometimes, Morning skies just take my breath away.

I thought I’d start todays post off with that picture above…because that is how I started my day, all bright and early with a lovely sunrise. California law states “No texting while driving.” It doesn’t saw anything about no taking photos while driving, now does it? So, sorry Officer…..I can take photos while driving, all I want. These last few days have been…well…Eh. Nothing to excited or worth mention. Its a little sad if I do say so myself. I have however, read a lot of The King by Steven James ….I’m almost finished and I’ll be sad when I am. [Side note: This is one of my favorite series and I suggest everyone read all 6 and of course the 7th when it comes out.]. Its such a good book. Its one of those books/series that I get totally wrapped up into and not really pay attention to anything that goes on around me. Yea, its that good.

I’ve been making a few meals from scratch. I made GF Cinnamon pancakes because my box of King Arthur Pancake mix was about to expire and I didn’t want to waste it. I think its safe to say that I have about 30 pancakes in the freezer and another 30 in the fridge. Pancakes for breakfast and snacks for all! Or me, since A doesn’t eat pancakes. He’s weird.



For dinner the other night I also made a Spicy Chicken (GF) pasta. It probably turned out a lot healthier than most chicken pastas but it probably tasted a whole lot better then those higher calorie ones too. It was super simple. Earlier this year when I went to the Gluten Free Expo (Yes, they have those and I got so much free stuff!) one of the products I got was Mayacama’s Gluten Free Spicy Pasta seasonings. I have seen these packets since the expo at Sprouts and I’m definitely going to stock up on it. Anyway, I grilled up some chicken, bell peppers, onions and broccoli then added that Spicy Pasta seasoning packet. It was good, but I made it better. I added some more seasonings I had in the cupboard; minced garlic, more chipotle pepper powder, a dash of olive oil, pepper and that’s all I can remember. Once that was done blending, I just mixed in my GF pasta and Tada!!! DELICIOUS DINNER ! When A likes something a lot, you know its good. He’s not only weird and doesn’t like pancakes, but he also doesn’t like to try new things.      What’s next? I’ve mentioned books and food…Ah, yes, clothing. Not just any clothing, but active wear! I’ve been in the need for some black compression shorts. Isn’t it funny that when referring to other clothes, its like…”Oh, I want a new shirt,” but with running clothes its a need. Or is that just me? Since my training started,  it seems that I’ve been in my athletic clothing more than anything (except work attire of course). I even went to the store in a work outfit and I never do that except after long runs or on race days. Well, on my way  home today I stopped at S.A. Elite to see if they had my Under Armour compression shorts. I walked in with a coupon and “I just need compression shorts,” but I walked out with KT tape (needed for Saturday! I’m out!), UA Compression shorts, UA capris and a Nike Dri Fit sports bra. I need to exchange the bra for a large, because although I want to be secured upstairs, I also want to be able to breathe. At least I had the coupon and since I’m apart of the S.A. Elite league or whatever it is called, I got the 20% off instead of the 15%. It’s like I practically got the KT Tape for free!

S.A. Elite doesn’t help my bank account.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve avoided the real reason for this post. Weigh In Wednesday, except now its Thursday, I have one week left to reach my goal of “lose 5 pounds in a month!” and dag nabbit….I still haven’t made progress. I don’t want to sound like a complainer or anything, but I just don’t understand. I do my workouts (running/cross training), I stay within my calories (I’m suppose to have 1200, but since I’m active I do 1500) and nothing happens! Its so infuriating. I know loosing the 55 pounds was tough, but this is just ridiculous. The scale or measurements aren’t even moving! What am I doing wrong?

Should I reduce my calories even more to 1200? I don’t want to do that because I already know I’ll be starving. I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables because nutritionists/trainers/whoever say, “Eat all the fruits and vegetables you want!” But does that mean eat all the fruits/veggies but stay WITHIN your calories, or stay within your calories on regular food, but still eat all the fruits/veggies you want even if you end up having a daily caloric intake of 2000, because fruits/veggies digest faster? I tried the more fruits/veggies one day and unless you are doing W.W (I am not) then fruits/veggies are still calories. Therefore, even before dinner time I only had 89 calories left for the day. I had no choice but to go over. Was this the reason why nothings changed? Am I just counter balancing my food intake with my activity output? I just have a hard time figuring out what I’m not doing.

Bottom Line: July start 160. Week 1: Fluke of 155. Week 2: Got Glutenated and went to 160. Week 3: 158.8.  I’ll continue to try my dangdest but I don’t know if I can lose 3.8 in one week. ::::shrugs::: whatever, rather than making it a July goal, I’ll just continue and hope I’ll break the plateau and eventually get rid of the last 10 pounds.

Maybe if I show a picture of the 10 stripped June Beetle that I’ve seen on multiple occasions at work, then it’ll take your mind off the fact that I pretty much failed at my July goal because I’m just stuck at that plateau. Brightside: Since I am the best at plateaus (I’ve been on this one for almost a year now!!!!), at least when I finally make my official goal, I’ll be able to maintain it.

I have a few races coming up (7/27, 8/3, 8/18 and 8/31) and I’m trying not to syke myself out. I’m doing ok on my training, but I started over thinking things today. I think by tomorrow tonight, I’ll be more nervous than I am now. I hope Saturday turns out better than it has been in my head. I think I just have higher hopes then I feel like I can obtain. I’ll refrain from blogging about it, until after the runs though. I don’t want negativity around because I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I GOT MAGIC SHOES AND I CAN DO THIS!!!

Glutenated fun…and kayaking!

Wednesday weigh-in didn’t go as well as I had planned. Last week, 156.

This week……::::::whispers in shame:::: 160.

I don’t get it. Wednesday through Friday, I tried hard. I did real well and it showed once again. Saturday I woke up and I’m 155. I was eccstatic! I was going on a long run and already had my meals planned out.
I meet up with my sister and like last time, I got us slightly lost….again. These streets need to be marked a little better, I tell ya. Ok, or I need to pay attention more to streets than to Garmin. We end up doing 5.19 miles and I felt great. I felt that I did better this week than I have the last few weeks. I was even able to run longer/farther without my hip pain starting to flair.
When we got back to Fleet Feet (our usual starting point) and Lisa, the Rock n’ Roll Run San Jose ambassador was there giving discounts for the race and limited tshirts if you signed up.


I cannot say no to free t-shirts, so my sister and I signed up for the RnR SJ 5 mile mini marathon. I’m not ready for another half marathon just yet but at least this will let me scope out RnR, in case I choose them as one of my next half headliners.

We hit up the farmers market to get free fruit samples to replenish our sugar levels then headed over to P.F. Chang’s. I got my usual, Gluten Free Mongolian beef with brown rice. I ate half of it and took the rest home.

Sunday, I’m back to 156 but chalk it up to sodium/water retention/soreness. I didn’t care much because instead of rest day it was Sunday Kayaking Fun Day!! I start the day by checking the oil, just to be safe since we’re driving out to Santa Cruz and I just hit 130,000 miles.
Rule 1: After checking oil and starting your car to drive away….if you hear clunking,  immediatly stop your car.
Rule 2: Be sure to tighten your oil cap, otherwise it blows off and lodges itself somewhere under your car and you have to take off all white colored articles of clothing and messing up your hair so you can lay in the middle of the street to look for said oil cap.


Rule 3: Don’t worry Dad, I fixed it!!!

After that, everything was going swell. We get to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and met with our kayaking tour guide. This was the first time I ever been open ocean kayaking so I wanted to be sure I was paying attention. Oh, I had so much fun. Kayaking on the ocean is much more fun than on the lake. I saw sea otters/lions/snails, seals, birds of all sorts, crabs, centipede looking things, memorial roses and a bunch of other stuff. I got a little nervous in the kelp forest because I was just waiting for SeaSwamp Thing to reach out and grab me. But when we started going out to the open water, 1/2 mile out, with all the boats and choppy waves splashing all over…..I was having the time of my life. I had so much fun I was grinning like an idiot the whole time paddling out.


A little less than 2.5 hours later, we docked and headed for Woodstock’s because it was the only place in S.C that not only had Gluten Free pizza, but was certified GF too! We walked about .60 miles, ate the yummy pizza and on the way back….there was an accident. Some guy rearended this little old lady. She was shook up and bumped her head. We got her to pull over then did our good semaritan duties. We waited with her while the paramedics, firemen and police showed up. Made sure she was ok and gave our statements to the officers. On our way back, I figured with all the activity I was doing, why not add in a little speedwork. Me against Roaring Camp Railroads.


I won.

One would think that with two days full of activity and being within my calories, followed by Monday 3 miles, Tuesday cross training NTC style and still being within calories (except Monday, but not enough to gain 4 lbs), that the scale would be down. Or at least the same from last weigh in Wednesday. So this morning when I saw that I was up 4 from last week, I was upset. Then I realized….

Hey!! It’s not my fault!!

I was glutenated!!!!

No joke. I didn’t dawn on me till this morning. After kayaking, but before lunch my belly started to hurt. I blew it off…I don’t get contaminated often so I forget what the symptoms/pain is, since sometimes it just feeling like I ate too much. Anyway, Monday, my belly was rumbling and gurgling and hurting…I shrugged it off, because I’m not smart. Same thing on Tuesday. Worst of all though was….

Skip the italics if your not one on TMI. I’m a runner and gluten intolerant so talking about bowel functions is second nature. Hahahh

I haven’t been able to go numero dos in three days. This is typical three day torture when I get glutenated.

Moving right along….Usually, if in get contaminated it can take anywhere from 30minutes, to 24 hours, to even three days for me to get symptoms. By lunch time on Sunday when my belly hurt it was around 24 hours from when I ate at PF Chang’s. Monday, I had my left overs… it extended my torture. I even was bloated, but still…it didn’t click. Stupid gluten intolerneces, I hate you.

For some reason I have the three day rule. Three day to get contaminated and the my symptoms and pains can last up to 3 days for me. Those three days are the worst. Longer if I’m contaminated again, which I was on Monday with left overs that I didn’t know where contaminated in the first place.

Now that my three days are up (hopefully by tomorrow) and I’m feeling a lot better…and my bloating goes away and I can use the facilities normally, maybe the scale will go back down to 155.

See…this is me and Monster feeling much better.


So, I’m still mad/upset about the 4 pounds but I’m more mad I got contaminated. If I get back to normal and I’m still 4 pounds up then I’m just doing something wrong.