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It’s going well! 
09.09.16, 21:15
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I gave myself a month before I provided an update. I wanted to get into the swing of things with. I didn’t want to add a bunch of stuff right off the bat and get overwhelmed. I took it “easy.” 

For the first two weeks of my new-found goal in life, I focused on food. I joined weight watchers. I made better choices. I used a scale to weigh out portions. Once I handled food decently enough, I incorporated the gym. 

I tested it out with a four day pass. I then signed up, and basically, I have gone 5 days a week for the past month. Some times it was 6. I never went less than 5, except when… I was on fever/side effects for vaccines watch on Nuggs. I made a schedule so I wouldn’t go in and just half ass it. 

Monday – cardio. 

Tuesday – legs/lower body

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – arms/upper body. 

Friday – Nike Training Club for at least 45 minutes. 

Saturday – swimming and cheat day!!

Sunday – rest

My schedule seems to be working out well.

When I tie them together, the results, a little over a month later are pleasing. 

I’ve lost 10.8 pounds and 2inches everywhere except my thighs (0.5 down) and my arms (no change). 

One month down, a bunch to go. 


#Juneathon 2: I spent 16 minutes just thinking about how good dinner was going to be.
06.02.15, 21:11
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I took a half hour lunch today, as opposed to my normal hour long lunch, just so I could get home a half hour earlier. Being home just a half hour earlier gives me more time in the evening to do a workout, since it’s only about 3 hours of free time from getting home to bedtime. Yes, I normally get home by four. Yes, that then means I usually go to bed by seven. I love sleeping. Don’t judge.

Anyway!! I got home by three thirty only to release my WiFi wasn’t working because our 12 year old router finally crapped out on us. It wasnt that big of a deal that the internet was down since I still had my mobile internet on my phone if I needed it…except I had homework to do (due on the 5th) and my phone wouldnt load one of the documents. Ah poopsticks!  I spent the better part of an hour trouble shooting as to why it would connect to WiFi but not to the internet. Then when that resulting it nothing but wasted time, I tried teathering my mobile data to my laptop. That didn’t work either. Good thing I got off work early. When A got home, I told him what was going on and he went out on his own accord to get me a new router to do my homework. Within 5 minutes of him being back, we were all systems go.

I just never ended up doing my homework. Hey, I still have tomorrow and Thursday! It was around 6pm and I knew if I didn’t do any juneathon shenanigans, I never would have done them. It was a now or never situation, so weighing my options of juneathon or homework, I opted for junearhon. Because really, having to end the streak after only one day seemed pretty lame. I jumped on the treadmill because I can do that without the need of the internet. You know, things like YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne or Jessice Smith TV) or mobile Apps (NTC or sworkit). Although I fixed the internet problem, I was still pretty peeved by its nom working antics, that I wasn’t going to use it. On principle.

I figure the first week of Juneathon, I’ll go easy on myself to get into the swing of things, so I only ran a mile. It took me awhile (15:56!!!…dear lord) and it was an entire mile of me thinking about dinner.


Once that stupid mile was over I made dinner, surprisingly ate a lot less than I actually thought I would (considering it was chili cheese tator tots!!! Oh. And a salad was added in there somewhere), score!!

After licking my fingers clean (not really since I used a fork, it just sounded nice) I was able to get into bed and sign off with a blog update. Now, because of all that….I’m pushing two hours past my bedtime! Yikes!

Juneathon 2 – Done!

#Juneathon 1: Shocking comeback.
06.01.15, 17:05
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I’m back!

Please. Hold your applause.

It’s not all that exciting….Trust me. So, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been the laziest peice of pie ever. Mmmm. Pie. Looks like the last time I blogged was in January. Which pretty much was also the last time I was active.

What happened you didn’t ask? Things happened. School, a loss, work, stress, being burnt out…it all just caught up to me and I didn’t do a thing about it. Except eat. A lot. It took time, but over the course of a year, it looks like I’ve gained a good 40 pounds. Yep, I’m that special. Well…I guess I take that back. I did do some things, like the Tinker Bell 5k and 10k. Ran one Brazen Race but volunteered at a couple others. And about a month ago, I joined back up with the Saturday group runs. I’m still the slowest in the pack. 

It wasn’t until this past Saturday, that I thought that maybe I should stop giving up on myself and try again.  Rather than buy new clothes that fit, why not loose a few pounds to make my old clothes fit? I am on a budget afterall. Why not do something active for 30 minutes than scroll through Instagram and see other people being active? I don’t see a better way to try and get back into the groove than participate in Juneathon

I signed up yesterday and off to a good start.I played it safe by easing into it with a nice little 30 minute yoga session. Except….yoga? It was more like noga.


I use to be able to fold, twist and bend like a champ. This time around, I couldn’t even bring my leg up from downward dog to a lunge without stopping in the middle to adjust my footing. And boy, oh boy, was my deodorant working over time.

Bottom line, I’m out of shape. Big time.

Juneathon is only 30 days. Hopefully, I’ll survive for just two days of it.

I couldn’t muster the motivation.

It took me seven weeks and two days until I flaked out on one of my half marathon training days. Seven weeks is by far the most training I’ve ever done by a full six weeks. Ha.
On Saturday I did my 8 mile training run. Yes! Me! 8 miles! It was complete hell but I did it. Then the following days my knees were the achiest of aches. I took like 5 naps in two days and then I did a shit ton of calf raises so everything just hurt.
Hurt so good.
Also, over the Labor day weekend my ITBS band was getting all hyphy (aaahahahahhahaa) on me. A few painful miniscule moments happened and a lot of irritating twitching. Like, I’d just be sitting there and my muscle would just start fluttering like a little butterfly on a nice spring day. Being someone like me who was side lined for almost 6 months with ITBS issues (that stupid band, I tell ya), I didn’t want to be a little risk taker when I feel it do anything other than just be quiet.

Jump forward to today with my plan calling for three miles. Exhausted, sore calfs (but they are starting to look more defined) and a twitching IT band, I decided to be smart and not do it.

Instead, I spent an entire hour with these buddies.


I did feel a bunch of knots that don’t feel as naughty (ha!) anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up with bruises all over my legs from digging in there so much, but it just felt so good to get in there. With both the stick and the R8, I was also able to get into my hip flexor. Which is just impeccable all on its own.

I then figured I need to still work on my glutes/quad/calf muscles because those need strengthening to prevent injury. I still do my 20 squats everytime I use the restroom and….I don’t know what they’re called but they’re some sort of ballet ostrich type move. Along with my calf raises and my newest genius move….leg presses. No, I don’t go to the gym and use their weight machines but I do use my treadmill.

My treadmill (well, it’s really J’s but it’s at my house so that makes it mine) is one of those ones that the belt can fold up to make more room when its not in use. Well…..I don’t know how to explain it, but you can do this with it and bam! Instant leg press!


Lay in front..or behind? the treadmill and put your feet on the underside of the belt. Then release the lock thing and the belt comes down on you, but then you just bend your knees, then press them extended out and ta da!

It’s not the heaviest but you still feel some muscles working….and it’s free….and McGyver rigged.

So, although I really wanted to nail every single day of training the smart part of my brain said to cool it and take another “rest” day.
Hopefully, missing out on 3 miles won’t set me back too far. I’ll try to get my 40 mins of cross training tomorrow, but I’m not too worried if I don’t. Its my cousins 5th birthday and I may just be running around with him. The arcade had skeet ball and basketball. That’ll get my heart rate going and him more tickets for prizes. It’s a win, win for the both of us.

I’m completely bored out of my mind.

Today marks the seventh day of my Half Marathon Training and I am completely bored out of my mind.


I know a habit doesn’t form over night, nor a week…and it’s not like I went ridiculously nuts with working out this week but a rest day?

Kill me now.

I keep thinking:
I’m bored. I’ll go for a bicycle ride. Oh, wait…rest day, nevermind.
Maybe I’ll go for a walk…oh day. I forgot.
How about some squats? Sit ups? Push ups? Oh….riiiiiiiight….

Hopefully this, “Let’s get physical” bug is still around tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a rest day.

I’ve already done the grocery shopping. Cleaned the kitchen. Did the laundry. Made the bed. There’s nothing left, excpet Netflix and reading but I don’t even want to do that. Maybe I’ll take a nap and hope that by the time I wake up, I can start to prepare dinner, then next thing I know, bed time and Monday!

My first week in training though, went decently. For starters, I actually did all 7 days as instructed! I even added time to the cross training days!!

For the two cross training days, I did 50 minutes of Hatha/flow yoga (day 1) to get the blood flowing and the body limber for the week to follow. Day 3 was a routine I found on Pinterest called 5 to 50, which I modified slighty. Basically you have 10 different excercises and the first exercise you do 5 of, the second is 10, third is 15 and so on and so on. Increments of 5 until you get to 50. I did (in no particular order): Around the world lunges, sumo/skinny squats, v ups, crunches, those planks where you rotate from being on your palms to your forearms, push ups, wall sits, donkey kicks, tick tocks and that’s all I could remember (ha! The last one I can’t remember must have been pure torture that I just blocked it out). By the time I was done, I was so sweaty and the next day but butt muscles were sore. I’ll say that it worked.

My three running days, were 2 miles each on day 2 and 4 followed by 3 miles on day 6. The plan said to either do an easy consecutive run or 3/1s. I opted for 3/1s (3 min run, 1 min walk), since I haven’t really done a good decent “run” in awhile. I’m out of shape. Sweat drops covered the treadmill belt and stung as they pieced my eyes. Why was that so much harder?

Day 4, I alternated the run/walk (treadmill) but didn’t do 3/1s. It was more 5/1, 6/1, 2/1, 3/1…I was all across the board. Don’t ask me how, but I was only two minutes faster from the consecutive 3/1s. I don’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing.

Yesterdays Day 6, I did outside. I wanted to go early (6:45-7:30) but for circumstances that annoyed me a little, I had to wait until almost 9 or 9:30…..When the sun was out. And it was hot. And I didn’t want to go. However, A volunteered to follow along as my support vehicle. Except he didn’t have water or chapstick. I didn’t have my hydration belt, so I didn’t have that either. Nor did I have music or anything. At times it was ok to run, others I walked. I was hot and thirtsy and my hard boiled egg kept trying to make a reappearance in my mouth. I wasn’t having it. This was why I wanted to go earlier when it was cooler. I hate heat. Well, after doing my loop and having to circle my driveway a few times to make an even three miles, I took my pants off and vowed to wear shorts next time (I make this vow regularly…I never learn), drank water, noticed how unbelievably red I was then took a shower. Despite the ice cold shower, I was still red for the greater part of an hour. I was like a lobster who got sunburnt. It’s embarrassing.

Later in the day, I uploaded Garfield to see my statsitics. I slowed down a bunch in the third mile, but the first two miles were a whole 3 minutes faster than day 4 (5 faster from day 2). I’m not sure if it’s because I was outside or if because the treadmill I have isn’t calibrated correctly. I’m probably running farther on the treadmill than what I think I’m doing! Go figure.

We’ll see how next week goes. Days 8-12 are the same (a variety of 2 mile runs and 25 minute cross training). I’ll try to do the runs outside depending on the weather and darkness. I need mace. Then on Saturday, I’m to do 4 miles. I’m not sure how I’ll work that out, since I have a 5k that day. Should I do the 5k, then while waiting for J do the 4th mile? I think she’s doing the 10k. Or do I do the 5k then later that evening after potentially crashing the SF Marathon expo, do my 1 mile? So many decisions. I got time to decide…

Well…that killed some time. Now what to do?

Day 2 of Half Marathon Training.

Well, I’m not sure if you know or not….because I didn’t really say anything about it….but Monday kicked off my 12 week half marathon training. It will lead me all the way up to October 5th. I have high hopes that my third half, will be exponentially better than my previous two.


With that, I picked up the training plan from, for the beginner program because let’s be honest here…I haven’t trained at all for any half, so I’m still a beginner (with two behind my hydration belt).
I did a few slight modifications to accommodate for all the runs I have lined up.


Basically, if I stick with the plan (I’m going on day three. Longest streak ever!) and my slight mods, I’ll be doing a total of 142 miles and not the 141.1 that the plan calls for. That mileage, plus the mileage I have already racked up on my New Balances, I can get new shoes after that!!  I really want those teal 860v4s.

I also have 6 races with one virtual that just happens to line up on the same day as Drag-n-fly, so its a twofer medal!!

Two for the price of run.   

Because really? When you can’t head to WA, and there’s a beat the blerch verch (virt…. Virtual, I really stretched it on that one) why not sign up? I get a t-shirt, medal, a blerch squeeze ball and maybe…just maybe, individual packets of nutella and cake so I can just hit the wall, sit down and eat my sorrows because I do….believe in the blerch.


I also REALLY tried REALLY hard with nutrition since Monday and before I jinx myself…I’m doing well with that. ::crosses fingers::

“Lost” Chabot and everything after.

I feel like I don’t have any time lately. Im spending my entire day working, then I come home and somehow time disappears because the next thing I know, I’m eating dinner, doing a workout of sorts then going to bed. I haven’t had time to write up a blog post. It’s about my bed time and with me waking up around 1am every morning…the earlier the bed time, the better. So, I’ll make this quick.

I went hiking with J on Saturday. I  had originally planned to do the 13.86 mile loop (yellow path in photo below) with a mixture of running the flats and downs and walking the ups. It was a smaller test run of the Double Dipsea…a lot smaller. However, J has been having some sort of hip pain. If anyone knows anything about hip pain, its me…but I still wanted to attempt to run some of it. Do I run or stay behind with her? I did the sisterly thing and walked the white course, excluding the last mile. I ran that.


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