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#juneathon 16: Time to put on my big girl pants…
06.17.15, 12:33
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It’s time to put on my big girl pants and back out.

Yep, you heard it here first. I’ve made the decision to back out of Juneathon. It doesn’t matte that I’m one day over the half way mark. Be real kids….I didnt do a damn thing any other day. Basically, one just wasting my time to do the blogging portion of the game.

“ain’t no one got time for that.”

I’ve have kept half truths to myself and slightly fibbed on the other half in blog entries than not. Why? Because I’m not one to tell my business unless I know things are a sure thing. A done deal. It’s not 100% official, but I’ve kept silent for far too long.

So, with it not being too much of a risk if it falls through, with not knowing anyone who reads this personally with the exception of a small handful, who already knew, but won’t say anything until I tell them its ok…..

A and I, bought (or buying since its still in escrow) a house. Those days where I said I did homework, went grocery shopping and not much of anything else? Were half truths. I did homework and went grocery shopping, but spent the rest of the free time shuffling boxes around when trying to pack.

When I said I went and hung out with EFig, it was a half truth, because prior to hanging out with her, I spent the day looking at houses. When I said I had an appointment that took 4 hours and by the time I got home I was spent and didn’t want to Juneathon it up? Was sitting in traffic, meeting with Lenders and driving around to get a feel for neighborhoods.

Between school, work, normal day to day things (chores, cooking, etc.), I’ve added packing up and extra spit shine cleaning a house. It’s tiring and stressful. More stressful because of the house thing. Did the inspection go ok? Did it appraise were we would like it too? Did our loan get approved? When would we get to move in? I’ve been so stressed with everything, I’ve done gotten myself a fever blister (it’s much nicer calling it that instead of a cold sore…or my personal favorite when it’s someone else…the herps). In the last 5 years, I’ve only gotten “The Herps” (ok, ok, it’s still funny even when its about me), twice. Both times, extremely stressed. Don’t worry…I got a prescription for that. Ahhahahahahahhahaha.

Oh, what a good chuckle.

Anyway, with 14 days to go, including today, Juneathon 17, I’m backing out.
Main reason, I only have 17 days left to pack and another 35-40 of school and everything else on between. Priorities at the moment, say to nix Juneathon.

When Im all moved in and the dust setttles, maybe I’ll get back to a regular exercise routine. There are running trails and since EFig will now just be a little down the road…I can enlist her in the buddy system.

Now, hopefully I didn’t speak too soon and everything still goes according to plan. My luck, there’s no guessing on what could happen. This is why I’m usually mums the word until it’s set in stone.

:::throws up peace sign::: Juneathon, I’m out!!


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