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#juneathon 13: I ran in Hades
06.13.15, 21:05
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This stricking photo of yours truely, blowing out a sigh of struggle sums up my run today. Saturday is our Group Runs and the weather was ridiculously hot. It only registered in at 70-74℉, but it had a 53% humidity level and the route was on asphalt that radiated heat galore.

I never do well in heat. Despite the stomach cramping and the sore thighs and butt muscles…yep, from that TEN minute workout two days prior…uh huh, that’s how out of shape I am) the first mile was ok, since it was shaded. But soon the trees dissipated and the sun was blaring. By about 2 miles in, I drank all my water. I told J that it felt like we were running through the butterfly/rainforest habitat, it was so muggy. It smelt like an aquarium. Yuck. I started to falter. I ate some honey stingers, like fruit snacks cause they’re just that good and gave me a tiny boost.

I noticed that I was falling behind J a lot more, as the miles went on. I cursed Garfield everytime he beeped indicating a walking segment. As we crossed a “bridge” I noticed some other runners drinking out of a fountain. Salvation!!!! We cut across to the fountain and despite it being the most disgusting water ever, it was gold! I dumped a bunch on my head too.

Rather than continuing on the marked out route, we continued onto the trail. Trail running is better, always better, because the dirt doesnt radiate heat as much as the pavement. But it didn’t last. We came up on the begining part of the course again. Back to street. I started swaying as I ran. I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry. I wanted to do something illegal when I saw the cops drive by, in hopes they would arrest me, just so I can sit in their air conditioned vehicle.

To make things worse, we were only doing 4.5 miles at 2 minute runs, 3 minute jogs, because J is still building up after her foot fiasco. Towards the end, J left me in the dust and I continued on, by myself. Despite how much I struggled and wanted to give up, I will say, that I’m pretty proud that I ran every second that I was suppose to.


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I am proud of you too. I still think you did great.

Comment by Runningfromitall

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