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#juneathon 7: tuckered.
06.07.15, 18:47
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I’m so…….so…..what’s a good word? So, frustrated. The last two weeks have been on an emotional rollercoaster. Things have been going in waves. I’m stressed, then I’m not. I’m anxious then not. Irritated. Happy. Tired. Wide awake. Multiple times these last few days I’ve just cried (for like 2 seconds) out of frustration. I’ll explain why later, for now…I’ll pass.

So, its no big surprise that I just want my bedtime to be 6:45. I’m beat and I’m 124% counting today as a legit Juneathon because I spent the last 7 hours just working.


House work….a lot of house work (I cleaned like a boss. I even had to vacuum three effin’ times), school work, paperwork, was a doggie groomers to two pups (Milo not included) and did a few other things that were just physically demanding.

And I’m so beat, I totally lost my train of thought and I’m ok with that. I’m calling it a night.


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