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#juneathon 6: Today was a loooooong day.
06.06.15, 23:36
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I finally had a restful full nights sleep in awhile. I woke up at 5:30am, but felt back asleep for another three hours. I wanted to get up earlier to do a run (not the group run, but my own solo run), but one minute I was on my phone checking emails, texts, and the time. The next minute, I was waking up wiping drool from my mouth. We were meeting some friends at 11, so I couldn’t run, because getting dressed is a little more important. I did play with BG but that didn’t add up to much activity. Sticker books just don’t make you break a sweat. I also got to hang with EFigwhich is always fun. So much so, that time flew by and it was 5pm! On the way home, we stopped at another friends house until 9!! This being social thing is tiring.

We all took a walk around the neighborhood because it was a beautiful night, but it was defiantly time to go home since our pups were locked up in the house for 12 hours. I felt horrible about that. Again, I didn’t get any Juneathon things done except that walk around the block. I need go step up my Juneathon game. Big time.


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