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#juneathon 4: Insert Yosemite Sam expletives here.
06.05.15, 07:08
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Juneathon 4, was pretty much as good as one of Fozzie Bear’s jokes. I just took a wocka wocka.


Btw, I adore how Fozzie is biting his lip to suppress his laughter.

Yesterday (June 4) was tough. I woke up at 1:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I was tired. I was busy…er at work. I felt anxious all day. Stressed and frazzled all seemed to go together. I was all out of sorts. So much so, I ran my car into the fence (it wasn’t a mile, but least I ran something. Wocka wocka) and scrathed the side mirror. Yes, my brand new car that I make a point to park in certain spots to not get dings. I’m beating myself up over it. Something came up, so I had to go out for a bit. I ended up talking a little stroll but I don’t even know if it was long enough to be classified as exercise. Today (really yesterday, as I’m typing it on the 5th), turned out to be a rest day I guess.  I was still tired and frazzled but feeling less stressed and anxious.

I met up with A and he took me to dinner. While looking at the menu, I said to him, “Should I just get my egg burger because I need comfort?” He told me, even if I wasn’t stressed, I would probably still get the egg burger. He’s right. He knows me so well. I was all set to order when I realized the next day (Juneathon 5) was Burgers and Balls night and that meant not an egg burger….but even better!  A burger with cups (yes, that’s plural) of nacho cheese!!!! Don’t worry, you’ll probably see pictures when I’m enjoying it. At the very last minute, I ordered the ensanada chicken platter (basically, a side salad and two pieces of chicken).
After eating dinner, I started to feel better. I get home and finish my homework. By this time, it’s 9pm (still been up since 130) and despite being tired, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 10:30ish. What a day! Bright side, I woke up and the scale was down again. Guess not ordering the egg burger was a good thing, even though at the time I thought otherwise.

I love food. 


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