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#juneathon 3: this is 100% factual.
06.03.15, 21:41
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Yep. National Running Day is upon us. Last year, I think it was, I didn’t partake. It was a rest day maybe. Or strength? I don’t recall. This year however, I did.

I get on the treadmill and just walked a bit to warm up. While walking, I was fiddling with my phone and made my own personal “I run….” Image. At the time, it was funny because I do love nachos and running helps counteract the downside of nachos (massive calories), so why the heck not? It’s as good as a reason to run as any. I post it on Instagram and get my run on. It took me 21 minutes to go 1.25 miles, but I broke it up between running (at 10 minutes per mile) and walking (anywhere between 12-14min per mile), so in theory, I did fartleks.

I finish, sweaty as hell and power up my laptop to start my homework that I never did yesterday (note, I didn’t really do it today either…..). I log into my schools blackboard and open up my assignment when A comes home asking what’s for dinner cause he’s starving. I mentioned a vegetable stir fry and he doesn’t look too excited. I rattle out other options, none of which healthy, but its what I have in the pantry/fridge. Spaghetti? Mac n Cheese with hot links? Ranch Mashed potatos? Quesadillas? the always safe bet of nachos? Cereal? Chili and tots again? Like I said, I need to go grocery shopping. He went for my favorite of nachos (its why I married him). Then it made me laugh because I really do run for nachos!!!!!


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Nachos is a good reason to run!

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