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#Juneathon 2: I spent 16 minutes just thinking about how good dinner was going to be.
06.02.15, 21:11
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I took a half hour lunch today, as opposed to my normal hour long lunch, just so I could get home a half hour earlier. Being home just a half hour earlier gives me more time in the evening to do a workout, since it’s only about 3 hours of free time from getting home to bedtime. Yes, I normally get home by four. Yes, that then means I usually go to bed by seven. I love sleeping. Don’t judge.

Anyway!! I got home by three thirty only to release my WiFi wasn’t working because our 12 year old router finally crapped out on us. It wasnt that big of a deal that the internet was down since I still had my mobile internet on my phone if I needed it…except I had homework to do (due on the 5th) and my phone wouldnt load one of the documents. Ah poopsticks!  I spent the better part of an hour trouble shooting as to why it would connect to WiFi but not to the internet. Then when that resulting it nothing but wasted time, I tried teathering my mobile data to my laptop. That didn’t work either. Good thing I got off work early. When A got home, I told him what was going on and he went out on his own accord to get me a new router to do my homework. Within 5 minutes of him being back, we were all systems go.

I just never ended up doing my homework. Hey, I still have tomorrow and Thursday! It was around 6pm and I knew if I didn’t do any juneathon shenanigans, I never would have done them. It was a now or never situation, so weighing my options of juneathon or homework, I opted for junearhon. Because really, having to end the streak after only one day seemed pretty lame. I jumped on the treadmill because I can do that without the need of the internet. You know, things like YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne or Jessice Smith TV) or mobile Apps (NTC or sworkit). Although I fixed the internet problem, I was still pretty peeved by its nom working antics, that I wasn’t going to use it. On principle.

I figure the first week of Juneathon, I’ll go easy on myself to get into the swing of things, so I only ran a mile. It took me awhile (15:56!!!…dear lord) and it was an entire mile of me thinking about dinner.


Once that stupid mile was over I made dinner, surprisingly ate a lot less than I actually thought I would (considering it was chili cheese tator tots!!! Oh. And a salad was added in there somewhere), score!!

After licking my fingers clean (not really since I used a fork, it just sounded nice) I was able to get into bed and sign off with a blog update. Now, because of all that….I’m pushing two hours past my bedtime! Yikes!

Juneathon 2 – Done!


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It’s amazing all the things that can try to get in the way of Juneathon! Good work on squeezing the mile in.

Comment by running_dan_w

Going to bed at 7 sounds AMAZING. No judgement here… just jealousy! 😉

Comment by dgobs

I wake up a lot in the middle of the night. So the earlier bedtimr accomodates for that. If i didnt wake up, it would peobably be a 9-10ish bedtime.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Homework can always wait, well done on getting the mile in!

Comment by Sam

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