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#Juneathon 1: Shocking comeback.
06.01.15, 17:05
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I’m back!

Please. Hold your applause.

It’s not all that exciting….Trust me. So, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been the laziest peice of pie ever. Mmmm. Pie. Looks like the last time I blogged was in January. Which pretty much was also the last time I was active.

What happened you didn’t ask? Things happened. School, a loss, work, stress, being burnt out…it all just caught up to me and I didn’t do a thing about it. Except eat. A lot. It took time, but over the course of a year, it looks like I’ve gained a good 40 pounds. Yep, I’m that special. Well…I guess I take that back. I did do some things, like the Tinker Bell 5k and 10k. Ran one Brazen Race but volunteered at a couple others. And about a month ago, I joined back up with the Saturday group runs. I’m still the slowest in the pack. 

It wasn’t until this past Saturday, that I thought that maybe I should stop giving up on myself and try again.  Rather than buy new clothes that fit, why not loose a few pounds to make my old clothes fit? I am on a budget afterall. Why not do something active for 30 minutes than scroll through Instagram and see other people being active? I don’t see a better way to try and get back into the groove than participate in Juneathon

I signed up yesterday and off to a good start.I played it safe by easing into it with a nice little 30 minute yoga session. Except….yoga? It was more like noga.


I use to be able to fold, twist and bend like a champ. This time around, I couldn’t even bring my leg up from downward dog to a lunge without stopping in the middle to adjust my footing. And boy, oh boy, was my deodorant working over time.

Bottom line, I’m out of shape. Big time.

Juneathon is only 30 days. Hopefully, I’ll survive for just two days of it.


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Welcome Back *Applause*
Those things that pull us away from being active never go away, but so long as that thing that keeps pulling us back remains it will all find a balance in the end. Good luck for Juneathon!

Comment by Sam

Thanks Sam. I gotta take care of buisness (myself) at one point or another. So why not now, right?

Comment by Attempted Runner

Good a time as any!

Comment by Sam

Noga. Namastay in bed. Same thing. Lol!! Great job!!

Comment by Runningfromitall

Good thing burgers and balls is on Friday. Peewee golf is active, right?

Comment by Attempted Runner

That it is 🙂

Comment by Runningfromitall

Welcome back!! My body says noga everyday. 🙂

Comment by Fallon @ Slacker Runner

Its a horrible thing.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Welcome back and what an opportunity to get back on board!

Comment by running_dan_w


Comment by Attempted Runner

🎶 guess who’s back, Runner’s back.. 🎶

Comment by rundelrun

Yes, im the real unslim shady.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Welcome back! At least you’ve come back to it 🙂 Great effort with the yoga too!

Comment by redfacedbutrunderful

Im trying!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Welcome back! Sorry to hear you had a rough few months… hope it gets better! (And I love “noga”!)

Comment by dgobs

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