Attempted Runner.

Confessional Wednesday…..
02.18.15, 19:56
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Confesnesday….Or maybe Wednessional? Yea. I though I was stretching it too.

No matter what you call it, I still must confess. I havent done any sort of running for a month. None. Not even to chase the receipt I dropped. I just let the wind carry it away.

I needed? (still not sure if it was a need or a want) a break.

So I took one.


I slept in on weekends. I had more hours during the weeknights. I was available when people asked to do stuff. I didn’t have to wash dry wicking clothes. I didn’t have to hang dry wicking clothes up on my bedroom door, to dry. I haven’t needed a hydration belt or an iPod arm band. Gu packs, Honey Stingers and Nuun were not added to my grocery lists. I didn’t have to (KT) tape, wrap or strap (knee brace) anything on my body. I put Garfield on the closet shelf next to the unused mace. Foam rolling seemed like a thing of the past. I no longer had shoes in every room of the house.

Simply put: I was not a runner.

And it was glorious!!

Then I started putting on the pouds. A lot of unwanted pounds. The only activity I was doing was waking up, sitting at my desk for 9 hours, going home to sit at the table and do homework or on the couch and watch TV. I haven’t even been reading. I always read. I then noticed that I was getting a little bummed out every other weekend when Brazen Racing had an event, that I wasn’t in attendence at.

I started to feel…..bleh.

So, I decided to get back into it but take it slow. Last week (Monday), I started the week off with a 30 minute walk to loosen things up. Wednesday, I ended up having to do my homework longer than I thought, so it didn’t get any activity done. Thursday, I had some excuse…it was a good one, I just don’t remember what it was. Friday I went out of town. My one mile run that I planned to do while I was out of town (it was one mile because it was in the mountains….thinner air….uphill pretty much both ways) never happened as I slept in after a rough night, then began the Valentine’s day festivities. At least my V-Day was active with two rounds of bowling, miniture golf and not entirely sure how it fits in, but go-karting.

Regardless, the excuses continued.

Drove home all day Sunday.
Had to chores Monday. I even moved the treadmill back into my room where I would see it rather then hidden behind a door in the spare bedroom. Just never actually used it.
Tuesday, homework.

Enough already!!!!

I decided I had to stop with the eating excuses and just do it.

Today, I took a half hour lunch so I was able to leave a half hour early. I got home, dug through my clothes for my running capris and laced up my shoes.

I can’t say I’m back to being a runner just yet, as I did 2/1s, but I did run. I did sweat.

I had an appointment to go to at 5, but I didn’t use that as an excuse. I still squeezed in my 1.17 miles.

I didn’t take a picture though, so I have no proof that I actually did it….but I know.

I know I did it.

Step 1 down. Step 2….that’s a whole other issue. Step 2 is to do it again on Friday but at 2/2s.

Only potential obstacle I foresee, is Date Night with the girls on Friday. I haven’t heard back if it’s a go or not and if so, what time….but if I were to take a 1/2 lunch again, I could squeeze it in and still be ready by 4:30 for those early bird specials.


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