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Race Recap: RunDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.

If you’re going to do a RunDisney event, the first step is registering…..within the first 2 minutes of when it opens, otherwise it sales out. Add a new race theme and that time reduces to selling out in the first 1 minute.

That’s pretty much what happened for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge (doing both the 10k and the half marathon). Alas, I still signed up for both and called it the Rebels Rebel challenge. I was a rebel and signed up for both separately and not like everyone else (which really reads, me typing 80 words a minute was still too slow and couldn’t register fast enough).

Anyway, the “weekend” came faster than I realized and soon enough, it was Wednesday and I was driving down Highway 5 for an ungodly amount of hours (7, with gas/bathroom/dinner stops), until finaly reaching the hotel parking lot. I woke up on Thursday and got ready. J and I took advantage of the complimentary breakfast and headed off to Dinseyland. Since the park and the expo opened at the same time, we went to the expo first to get it out of the way. It wasn’t, for once, as busy as it has been on the first day of the expo opening. It was so uncrowded that I thought it didn’t start until Friday or something.

Not sure if you know or not, but my original plan was to do both runs. Trained or not trained, I was going to do them and just enjoy it. No pressure. Then, I decided, to play it safe, I would defer the half and do it with J in 2016.  I filled our my deferral around 12/28 and still planned on doing the 10k and enjoy it.

The week prior to the run (7th), I found myself in a series of unfortunate events that led me to be in the emergency room for a few hours. I was taken off work for the rest of the week and had some follow up medical appointments to go to.

I was pretty much “out of commission” until Tuesday (13th). With that, I had no intensions of doing the 10k either, but just have a good time in Disneyland. It was too late to defer the 10k, so I would just have to accept a DNS.

Well, I printed out my waivers on Wednesday before leaving and saw that my waivers for both runs were available. I thought maybe it was a fluke and my bib wouldnt be available. Since I deferred and all. At the expo, I still picked up my bin for the 10k. Hey, I wasn’t going to start, but I’d still pick up my shirt. I paid a lot of money for that shirt. So, I got my 10k stuff and went over to the half, just to see what was available. Low and behold, there my bib was, waiting for me. RunDisney never accepted my deferral even though I did it within the cut off times!!!!

I got my bib/shirt for the half too. I guess I won’t be doing the half in 2016 anymore. To be honest, its actually cheaper to just DNS unless you plan on running again. I don’t plan on doing RunDisney again for a while after the Tinker Bell weekend in May. It’s just toooo expensive.

Moving along, as were walking around the expo that even seemed to be smaller this time too. There were hardly any venders like the last 5* RunDisney events I’ve done.  Of course, I walk around the expo, see what corral I was placed in for the 10k (B) and was like…..hmmm, maybe I want to run it.

I didn’t pack ANY running gear what’s so ever except for what I was going to use/wear while sweating and being comfortable around Disneyland; sports bra, KT tape, dry wicking tees and running shoes.

Insert of ton of moments of me debating about running, or even just walking the 10k here.

Now, insert McGyver mode. I decided I was going to do the 10k. I would take my time, spot at the photo ops and just enjoy it. Between J and I, a runner’s ensemble emerged. I bought some PC socks and compression shorts (we went to Sports Authority down the road). J bought a SPI Belt and a new sparkle skirt, both of which I planned to borrow. Between those purchases and everything I packed, I was able to do the run. We went to lunch after that adventure and planned the rest of the trip out (taking the bus vs. car, purchasing a 3 day ticket to get more time in the park, etc). We then went to Disneyland for the rest of the day and had a good time.

Friday, we went straight to Disneyland and enjoyed all the rides and met up with That Girl when she arrived. We again, spent the rest of the day between Disneyland and California Adventure and all three of us just having a good time. We went to dinner at Thunder Mountain BBQ (my favorite!!) And shared a table with some people from New York that was doing the Rebel Challenge too. We all ended up talking about running and other stuff and turned out to be a really nice dinner with strangers. Our bus was late, so I didn’t get back to the hotel and was able go get into bed until 11:30, still enough time to get at least a few hours of sleep in.

3:15am on Saturday came quicker than I wanted but I felt ok. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t sore (from the prior two days of walking. Between both Thursday and Friday my vivofit calculated 14ish miles) and was looking forward to the run.

My plan, was to walk most of it and just have fun.

When I got to the staging area, I found That Girl and Lucid, and since we all were in corral B we just stuck together. They’re both a lot faster than me and could also run longer distances than me at any given period, but they said they would stick with me and just have fun too since they both were doing the half the next day. Don’t ask me how, but when the gun went off, I managed to keep up with them for the first 4 miles. We did walk a bit and stopped at a LOT of photo ops, but going woth them, I ran a shit ton more than I thought I could do. Even considering I haven’t gone longer than 5k (and even those I’ve pretty much walked 90% of) since September, I thought I did spectacular. By the 4th mile, my hip flexor was starting to flare up and hurt, so I told them to go ahead and go and I’ll finish out the rest on my own pace. I didn’t want to slow them down any more than I did already.

I took more pictures, ran, walked and smiled. I crossed the finish line of a run I wasn’t even going to do. And I’m glad I ended up doing it. I saw That Girl and Lucid in the gathering area, so I wasn’t too far behind them, but they walked away and I lost sight of them so I just left to go find J. We also had breakfast reservations and i wanted to take a shower. I was also cold. They didn’t give mylar sheets like they did at the older January run the year before.

When I got back to the hotel, I iced my hip for a little and then got dressed. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would have been. I did have a blister but that’s not important.

We had brunch with That Girl and rode a few more rides before leaving at 2pm on the long drive back home. That’s when I started to feel the lack of training 10k. I was getting so stiff!! Luckly, I still had Sunday off to relax before having to go back to work.


Oh!! Last note, on Monday, I received an email from RunDisney that they deferred my 2015 Star Wars Half Marathon to 2016 and they have me a coupon code. I emailed them back, reqesuting to cancel it, since I ended up picking up my bin and everything cause they never actually processed my for and not charge me for the deferral, but I haven’t heard back from them since. I wonder how many others had that problem.

RunDisney, get your act together.


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