Attempted Runner.

Didn’t even bother to title this.
01.11.15, 14:27
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I haven’t really been around lately. Haven’t read blogs (aside from two), haven’t posted or haven’t even thought of what to write about in the future.

I guess I took a step back and focused more on myself…for myself and not for others entertainment.

So, with the jist of things, I lost seven pounds. I need to get that back on track because what was a 5 pound gain, turned to a 10lb, then 15, 20 and maxed out at a 24 lb gain. What use to only be a 16 pound loss to reach my goal, turned into a 40 pound loss.

:::shrugs::: Shit happens. – Forest Gump.

Although, I slacked hugely in yhe fitness department and I admit, walked the last three races I was signed up for, I earned my streaker status with Brazen Racing. My first official “run” as a permanent streaker, was a chilly walk. In three jackets.


That is the complete set for the New Years series.


I think walking them was still accemptable because with all those medals for 2014, on top of the few races I did outside of Brazen….I was worn out. And I did double Dipsea. That gives me enough street cred right there without going into the marathon realm or the ultra standings.

I’ll find my way back into it. Maybe seeing everyone at The Star Wars half weekend (that I 1. Deferred the half and 2. More than likely will DNS the 10k due to a recent medical issue that I’m still on the mend from) will bring the running love back to me.

If not the running love, then just the fitness love.

Attemptedrunner could easily be changed to AttemptedFitness or something along those lines. Lately, its AttemptedNapper. I like naps. I’m so tired.


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Holy race bling, Batman! That’s impressive! And I think walking is totally acceptable. I also fully support all the naps. 🙂

Comment by dgobs

The boots were made for walking….and nappings what theyll do!! One of these days these boots will sleep all over too.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Or attemptedbadass … you are always trying to be one of those. Keep pushing. Streaking sucks the fun out of running lol but it will spark when the time is right. Jealousy strikes and I wish I was there in Disneyland with all of you!

Comment by Ratattooee [Remastered]

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