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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Summit Rock

I guess there is no better time to post my Summit Rock race recap than two and a half weeks later. Lets see, because it was so long ago this will probably be a very short and a whole lot of anti-climactic. So, lets just get down to business. Summit Rock is a bitch. This out and back course is marked at 3.3 miles for the 5k and the first 1.65 miles is just up. Switch back after switch back of constant up.  Last year when I did Summit Rock for the first time, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack going up the hills, but then screamed FREE BIRD!!! while bombing on the way down….until I tripped (ON NOTHING!) and sprained my ankle. Then the time I did Trail Quake (same course) I felt like it was a little harder, as it was hotter but still did relatively well. I was only three minutes slower than Summit Rock 2013.

This year, I was even worse! We got to the park almost 2 hours early. One, we wanted good parking and two, J was volunteering so she needed to be there early. Although, I could have helped volunteer….I didn’t. I was just really tired and it was also really cold. I ended up just hanging out in my car, ate my breakfast, read my book and tried to stay warm. Despite the amounts of layers I had, it wasn’t happening very well. I even had an onset of “OH MY GOD!! WHERE IS THE NEAREST BATHROOM” fiasco. And trust me…I never poop in public places….I did this time. It was horrendous. Eventually, after everything was all said and done I had to get out of the car and into the freezing cold to go line up.

I set off running and at first felt ok, until I thought I ran a mile but realized it was only 1/4 mile. This was going to be a long run…walk…. As I finally approached the switch back portion of the trail, there was no way I was going to be able to run up it, so I just switched to hiker mode. I eventually made it to the top of the hill almost 45 minutes later. It felt like it took me forever (and it did) and I didn’t feel as worn out as I did in the past. I couldn’t remember how long it took me to get up the hill the previous two times so I thought I was on “target.”  It was then time to turn around and just now do 1.65 miles on a switch back down (the switch back is maybe only 1.2 miles) hill. That’s the easy part. I made it down rather quickly…in my opinion….at the time, and reached the flat more open part. I stopped to walk a little and when it went back to single track trail, I ran. It was then that I approached the one area that I fell very first time, and rolled my ankle the second time….I started walking because it wasn’t going to happen a third time.  It happened a third time. HAHAHAH. I rolled my ankle, but it wasn’t nothing too serious. I came prepared with wrapping my ankle in KT tape ahead of time, so I was braced for that fall. Pun intended.. Maybe I jinxed myself? or maybe I just got lucky in preparing for it. Either way, I fell/stumbled a third time….in the same spot!!!

I finally made it across the finish line and met back up with J and told her how it felt  easier this time around yet I felt like I could have done a lot better. I said that maybe it was easier because I had gotten better. I went to look at my time and realized it was easier not because I’ve gotten better, but because I didn’t push myself like the other two times. I was pretty much 15 minutes slower than both previous times doing this course! That’s why it felt a whole heck of a lot easier.


I didn’t care though. It was my second to last run to count towards my Streaker status and whether I did it in 35 minutes or did it in an hour and 35 minutes…I STILL DID IT!


I’m burnt out though on running. It’s obvious. Streaking takes a lot from you.

After that, I went from running in the dirt (it was supposed to be muddy from the “Massive California Storm” but it hardly was muddy at all. Bummer.) to getting my fancy on at a tea party for Legg’s birthday. Yes, even though I didn’t “work hard enough” to eat like a race horse….I still ate like a race horse. Can you say I ate a lot at the Tea considering everything was bite size?? Hmmm…… Yes. I’ll accept that.



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