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Race Recap: Brazen Racing (Almost) New Year’s Eve
12.31.14, 09:57
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Brazen Racing puts on both a New Years Series with a New years Eve and a New Years Day run every year. If you do both of them, then you get a third connector medal. This equates to doing both runs.

Part 1: Brazen (Almost) New Years Eve


The New Years Eve run landed on my Birthday and I wanted to go out with a big bang and do the half marathon. Hiker start, obviously. I was all anxious set to go up until a few days prior when something came up and couldn’t figure out a more logical way than to do both…which means I had to downgrade to the 5k. So, I picked up my race packet and walked over to the Race Problems table to downgrade. They did look at me funny from going all the way from the Half to the 5k but alas….I’m not perfect. As I was walking over to the table to get my t-shirt, I noticed then that my bib was black. It didn’t have the normal colored banner behind the numbers; Red for Half Marathon, Blue for 10k and yellow for 5k. It was just black…it did however, have the half marathon lettering in red. I also noticed that my number, was a two digit number.


I looked around, spotted J, held my bib up and said, “J!!!!!! BLACK BIBS!!!!” She responded with a loud, “YAAAAYY!!!”

What is the significance of black bibs? I MADE STREAKER STATUS!!! I’M OFFICIAL!!!!!! We then  found That Girl, who gave me a BeeCharm for my birthday (I’m going to put them on my new New Balance shoes J got me) and discussed our Disneyland Trip. She is doing the Rebel Challenge and we’re going to celebrate afterwards with Thunder Mountain BBQ.  Just then, The Chef starts walking over to us and J pointed to her own bib and shouted her number. I lifted my jacket up to show The Chef my bib and yelled my number. Even before The Chef could say hi, she made the GASP….OH!! face, turned on her hills and took off to get her bib. She’s a streaker now too. You can see the excitement and importance of these black bibs.

Just before the Half Marathon group left, Mr. and Mrs. Brazen called everyone over for the Streaker Celebration. Last year, the ended off at number 69. This year, they stopped at 110 I think it was. There were a total of 41 crazy kids who made Streaker status this year, with a few additional Streakers who earned the title for their second, third or even fourth year.  Mr. Brazen called each new Streaker by their number, Mrs. Brazen gave us hugs and we were presented with two t-shirts (one tech and one cotton) that on the front, simply said, “Brazen Racing” and on the back right shoulder had our individual streaker number and the year underneath it. We were also presented with a shadow box that contained your name on a plaque and all the medals that we earned throughout the year. I opted out of one, as I don’t have anywhere I hang it and I like my curtain rod medal hanger but here is a picture of J’s, so you can see how awesome it is.

Once that celebration was over, we froze our butts off a little longer….


This is how cold it California!!

…talked more with That Girl, The Chef and AMERzing. and got in our corral when it was time for the 5k. Since J is back in the boot and wanted to end the year off with one last Harrah! She decided that she was going to walk it. I tried to get her to use her crutches and had a rebuttal for every excuse she gave, but in the end she went without them. The Chef, who just came back from 4 days at Disneyland, had no intentions of running it either, so the three of us finally took Mr. Brazen’s advice to get our monies worth and walked the entire thing. I’m convinced it took us an hour and a half but my race results and Garfield both say otherwise…shockingly enough, we were not last!!  After we grabbed some snacks that we totally earned <eg>, we tried to wait for That Girl to finish the half marathon, but I had to leave. As we were driving out of the parking lot, she texted  and said to not wait for us and she was at mile 10. Dang!! With only 3 miles to go, we could have waited! It however, worked out that we didn’t because like I said, I had other engagements to get to and everything worked out for the best.

So…my 2014 year has come to an end. I’m now a Brazen Streaker for Life. As long as I register on time, my bibs will always be black, with *’s around my name and my forever two digit number. I’ve learned that streaking is hard. Running can no longer be fun (I hope in the next year, I’ll get that FUN feeling back). A race every other weekend is tiring, expensive and I wouldn’t trade any of it in. If I had to, I would do it all over again…..You do know that you get a real nice Brazen jacket if you do two consecutive years in a row.  I’m already signed up for the first race of 2015………..only 25 to go!! WHO IS WITH ME?




I think.



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