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Race Recap: Quarry Turkey
12.10.14, 19:41
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Quarry Turkey was my latest adventure. Immediately following Nitro Turkey on that Thanksgiving Saturday I woke up extra early to get to Quarry Lakes, pretty much before everyone else. I carpooled with J, but because she was volunteering that meant that I had to do a lot of waiting.

I guess in retrospect, I could have volunteered for a little bit both before and after my run. Why the heck didn’t I think of that sooner? What an idiot.

Anyway, we got to the lake around 6:45. While J went to check in, I hung out in the car where it was dry and warm. I played on Instagram and Facebook but that wasn’t all that thrilling. Besides the people I follow or friends with in places like Australia, the U.K and on the East Coast, not a lot of people do status updates at 7-8am on Saturdays. Needless to say, Social Media was a bust.

I went and walked around a bit before grabbing my bib and dropping the food off for the food drive. Still milling around like a looser, I went back to the blerch (my car) for a little longer.

Finally!! After what seemed like 5 hours…yes, I really should have volunteered or at least brought my book…I went over to the starting line to watch the little Quarry Turkey Trot.

Mr. Brazen again called for the streakers to come and assist. That’s pretty smart of him because out of all the participants and people he knows, he’ll be gaurenteed that there will be at least 30 people to help because we streakers will ALWAYS be there.


This would have been the perfect panoramic except the wind ruined it and made the course marker lines all off.

I assisted with the dilineators again and the little turkey trot wasn’t as hectic as the one from Nitro. The rain may have had something to do with that, or that it was a Saturday. Not sure.

Since the blerch was in front row parking, I didn’t have to do sweat check. As the 10k runners set off, I got ready and switched jackets and stuff. The clouds cleared out so I didn’t need my rain jacket anymore, just my long sleeve for a bit for the wind chill.

I think Mr. Brazen said that the 5k was the biggest of all three races. It looked like a lot of half marathoners and 10k’ers downgraded to the 5k, as everyone thought it was going to be pouring. Those meterologists…always fooling us! So, with a few more 5k runners than usual, it was a little clustered at the start but wasn’t as crowded as it could have been.

I took my jacket off at the first mile and saw that going a little faster than it felt like I was doing better.

I did feel a lot better at Quarry than I did at Nitro. By the time I hit the aid station/mile 2, I was doing phenomenal (for me)!  I did some quick calculations and if I maintained the pace I was at (its pretty much a flat course and like I said, I felt great) I would have finished around 35 minutes…37 just to be on the realistic side. For me, that would have been a miracle.

I was pumped!!

Then, disaster struck.

I can never catch a break.

At around 2.25 miles I felt like I had to pee. I usually get that feeling at the start right before the horn blows, but once I cross the start it goes away. This was the same feeling but it didn’t go away. The more I ran the more I had to pee. I was only able to run like ten feet before I had to stop to walk for the urge to dissapate. Once I was ok, I started running again, hoping it was just a one time feeling. I made it another ten feet and then the need to pee deepened.
I slowed, I was ok.
I sped up, I would almost pee.
Walk, run, walk, run.. just rePEEt that over and over again.
What made it worse, the bathrooms at 2.75 ish miles were closed due to water conservation. Oh, it was horrible! I even tempted to just drop out at mile 3 (it was a 3.2 mile course) and bee line it to the restroom. That was the longest .2 mile I have ever gone. I saw 37 minutes just come and go.

I made it up the little hill, crossed the finish line in 41 minutes per Garfiekd. I still haven’t checked my official time, but is probably around 40:55*, grabbed my medal then went straight to the port-a-potty.
I shit you not, I peed for a minute and a half straight (yes, I count seconds while I pee. Always have and probably always will, the longest before this run was 47 Mississippi seconds). I don’t even know where all that liquid came from. So, after my moment of sweet, sweet relief, I went to the blerch and got my warm clothes on.

I then told J I was back and grabbed my warm apple cider and she handed me a chocolate milk. You would think after my Need for Pee’d moment, that I wouldnt want any more liquids in me. However, it was quite the opposite. I think my 1:30 pee session made me dehydrated. I was soooo thirsty. Hahaha. I ended up having two apple ciders and three chocolate milks.

Since, I did Nitro Turkey and Quarry Turkey, I received the Double shot medal, so I picked that up too.


It started to get windy and cold, so I just went and hung out in my car until J’s volunteering shift was over. I probably could have taken a nap during all that waiting, but I’m not that smart.

*I checked my results finally and finished in 40:43. Still not my fastest but one of the top 3 or 4. Not bad consiering my Pee-saster (disaster….is that one stretching it a little?)


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You get coolest medals!! (And “pee-saster” totally works.)

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