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Race Recap: Brazen Racing/Represent Running – Let’s go 510
10.30.14, 13:54
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Represent Running, a newer running event company, has hosted a few runs around the San Fransico Bay Area. You have the 408k (prounced 4 oh 8k for all my over seas folk) which is an 8k in San Jose (408 area code) and the 415k (4 1 5) in Marin. I think it would be neat in San Francisco because that’s what I think of when I hear 415, but thats just me and last year, they expanded out and held the first, East Bay Lets Go 5-10k. (510 which some people say 5 1 oh and some say 5-10….all very confusing I know).

This past Saturday was the second annual 510 run but they changed the name to the East Bay Let’s Go 510 because instead of just the 10k, they now offered a 5k.  If they wanted to keep the play on words scheme, it would have been the East Bays’ Lets Go 5k 10k but I can see why they chose not to go that route, because then it just deflects from the whole purpose of area code themed races. At least Lets Go Five One Oh ryhmes….but I digress.

So, because they were still kind of new last year they requested the help of Brazen Racing. This year, they still teamed up with Brazen so it was an automatic YES, SIGN ME UP attitude. I was to meet J at the event, which is held at Golden Gate Park, keep in mind this is a horse racing track.

On my way down, I got a text from J saying she was stuck in traffic. A quick little Google Mapping and I saw that there was an accident pretty much right at the 880/80 freeway merge, which was what I was coming up too.

Then wham!!

I hit the back of traffic. Did you think I was going to say I hit the back end of a car because I was texting/Oogling while Googling? Fooled ya! Just got a new car (I’ve dubbed him The Blerch [yes, after the Oatmeal]) and I’m not going to hurt him. Knock on wood.

Again…I digress. Sorry.

So, as I approach the back of the traffic, I got off the freeway and decided to live a little dangerously and drive through Oakland ::::whispers::: for like 2 minutes….:::resumes normal tone::: before hitting Emeryville. I got to drive by the PIXAR building which cracks me up every time.


On either side of one of the PIXAR buildings are giant seaguls. I just imagine them saying, Mine, Mine, Mine, like they do in Finding Memo. As I’m giggling my way down Hollis and make a left passed Ikea, I approach the freeway and tada!!! No traffic! One point to me.
In no time flat, I’m coming into the parking lot with Front Row VIP Streaker parking (inside joke with me and one of the parking attendant volunteers). J got there before me and already grabbed my bib/t-shirt so I didn’t need to do that. I was signed up for the 10k because at the time of registration it was the same price as the 5k so if I had to downgrade, I wasn’t loosing any money. Except, I didn’t feel like running 6 miles, so downgraded anyway to the 5k. But I wasn’t out money!!!

We walked around a bit and didn’t do much of anything until it was time to line up.


Upsidedown puddle.

Finally, I heard Mr. Brazen say it was 15 minutes to start and for people to line up. With this run, they way they have you go to enter the corrals are through the starting gates for the horses. You see them in the background of this photo.


We walked through #9 and hung out in the back. Then moved up a little closer. Then a little more…then even more. I was right at the back of the 10min. mile pace group but I don’t think people paid much attention to where they were actually standing. I think a lot of those people were newbie runners joggers walkers race event attendees.

I was a little bummed that Mr. Brazen didn’t give the pre race information speech. It’s like a tradition when he does it. And he’s funny too! He also explains everything for the newbs, which would have helped a lot because Represent Running didn’t explain anything which kind of created chaos on course. But what can I do about it? Its technically Represent Runnings event, so whatever.

The start of the race was bigger than I’m use to. There were no wave starts or staggered distance starts. Both the 5k and 10k started at 10am which caused 5,000 runners to go at once. In bigger events like Disney, Nike, Boston, NYC, etc. This works because you start on the street which is wide enough for anywhere between three to eight lanes of cars. Plenty of room for the masses. It gives enough room to spread out and find your spot. When its smaller events, it doesn’t really work because the course itself is smaller/more narrow. So, there are 5,000 participants going up the hill in a one….ok, benefit of the doubt, two lane road. On the downside of the hill, I kinda found my spot. Not too crowded or anything, but then it narrowed down to a one lane road. They had cones marking our lane but since nothing was said in the pre race instructions, people were going to the left of the cones. Which was fine, until the 5k made an immediate u-turn and had to come back down the same lane everyone was running out in. This caused the people coming back to move to the right of their cones, so they wouldnt crash into people. Except, it put them in the lane for the cars getting into the parking lot. Like I said, it was chaos. Hopefully the 10k was a little better after the 5k turn around. After a little game of bobbing and weaving, I managed to get into my own safety spot that wasn’t surrounded by too many people. On the way back up the hill, my asthma kicked in (winter months are the worst on my asthma. I never have it during the summer unless its a crisp morning), so I walked up the hill to get my breath. When I made it to the top, I started running again, down through the starting arch, through the parking lot and to the trail.

From the start line to the trail, it was all on asphault/loose gravel. We then swtiched the dirt that varied between hard packed dirt to loose sandy dirt. I caught up to J and walked/jogged with her a bit until we hit the parking lot again. I stopped to walk a little more and she continued on. There was a lot of back and forthing on this course. Finally, what seemed like forever, I made it to back gates that take you to the track. Yes, the horse track as we get to run on the track. Talk about a lot of terrain changes! I looked at Garfield and I’m at 38 minutes. I’m thinking, oh!! I could perhaps make it under 40.

Until I got a rock in my shoe (still on pavement at the moment) and had to get it out. I stopped and did the thing where you just lift the tongue of your shoe so your foot kinda shifts and the rock moves into a more comfortable place and carried on up to the actual track. Then I forgot that it’s rather hard running on the horse track. It’s not dirt like the good ol days bit its made of a funky substance that contains rubber and I don’t even know what else. That slowed me down cause I felt like I was to fall. Even though I was running on the “compacted” part created by the other runners, it’s just weird. I end up finishing, not under 40 but at 43 minutes. Its my average, so not running for a month (I confess), I was ok with it.


I don’t think I’ll run this one next year. Unless Brazen takes the lead or things change. I’ll think I’m going to hold off on it for awhile. I’m not fond of the course (both distances as I did the 10k last year) nor the chaos. I coukd also tell who the trail runners were and who the road runners where. I much prefer the trail runners.


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