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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Tarantula Run
10.29.14, 08:41
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The year I decide to be a Brazen Racing Streaker is the same year that Brazen decided to add two more runs to their playlist. The Tarantula run was one of those two.


Mr. Brazen as the Tarantula Run mascot

Apparently, the tarantula run was put on by another group in the past and they only had a half marathon and perhaps a 5k, but I’m not too sure about that part. Well, this year Brazen took over and revamped the half marathon course and offered a 5k and 10k. They also offered a free Spider Scramble to all of the race participants children under ten years of age.

Other than my regular running buddy (J), EFig signed up for the race which meant that BG got to do the Spider Scramble! Normally the Brazen Scrambles are really short (100-300 feet) but this course was maybe a tenth of a mile or so that looped around the grassy picnic area. When they started, the parents with the smaller kids picked them up and carried them to the finish. To me, that kind of defeated the purpose of the kids race. :::shrugs::: Oh well….at least EFig did it right and let BG do the whole thing herself.
From start to finish, BG’s little legs took her the entire way!

Well, maybe I should say start to fall. She was mere inches from the finish line and in second to last place, when she noticed Mr. Brazen behind her….Unintentionally freaking her out causing her to face plant it and needing to be picked up. EFig carried her across the finish line and she came in last place due to the stumble. I say…SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!
One of the reasons, among thousands, why Brazen is stupendous is because they gave the little Scramblers their own pint size medal.
EFig initially signed up to walk the course and push BG in her jogging stroller. Mr. Brazen did say that the course was stroller plausable. Notice he didn’t say stroller friendly.
Since I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like, I was more than willing to walk the entire thing with them. For the simple fact that I, not only have trail running etiquette but common sense as well, we went straight to the back of the corral because we didn’t want to get in anyones way. Giving someone a “flat tire” with a jogging stroller wouldn’t be my idea of a good time.
As the race began, we took our time in back. Finally taking Mr. Brazens advice and getting our monies worth out on the course.

With us walking, I think it gave J…what’s the word? Motivation? Encouragement? An obligation? to walk with us.

Notice BG……that scramble must have worn her out. She was asleep within 2 minutes of crossing the starting line.
Anyway, we made it to the first mile marker when I noticed J was getting a little ahead of us. At an alarming rate. Against medical advice, J was running!!

It was only a matter of time. EFig and I just continued at our dilly-dallying pace. The course then started to get a little hilly and I took over pushing BG.
The course terrain varied between dirt, gravel, sand, weeds and a short bit of grass. The hills were sand like dirt. Surprisingly enough, I worked up a good sweat and had labored breathing. However, I’m a little convinced that my labored breathing was more due to my asthma. EFigs asthma started to flare up too and we both started coughing up left lungs just to breath. Which made us giggle uncontrollably…which made us cough even more. Ahhh…asthma friends are the best kinda friends.
After an hour and fifteen minutes later, we roll up to the finish line and miraculously BG wakes up.
I would probably do the run again just to see how well I would have done without pushing a stroller….OH!!! We came into third place in the stroller division!!
We grabbed some snacks and hung out for a bit. We saw real tarantulas….
And fake tarantulas….
And even shiney tarantulas!!
We also took a few photos and perhaps grabbed a few more snacks. :0X
Eventually we all loaded up into the car and drove into town for some lunch before calling it a day…..

…..then I woke up from my nap and went out for a night on the town!! I finally got to meet my newest niece! She’s only a month old (plus or minus a few days) and she’s soooo little.


Uncle A with the little Tator Tot.

I also got to play with the President, Toe (still don’t have a very good nickname for that guy) and a few in-laws (parents and two sets of brother/sisters) for three birthday celebrations. The President drooled on me and Toe kept sticking ice under my leg because he thought it was hilarious when I said it was cold and made me look like I wet my pants…

All in all, I had a busy day! I even stayed up until 9:30!!


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