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Race Recap: Brazen Racing Drag-n-fly 10k.

What was I thinking?


I originally signed up for the 5k but my half marathon training plan that I haven’t really stuck to during the last 5 weeks, had me doing 10 miles. I figured doing the 10k (at 6.64 miles) would put me a lot closer to those 10 miles than the 5k would have. I looked at the course map and saw roughly a mile and a half of up and then pretty much all down hill, so it’s not all bad right?

I woke up and felt tired. I was fighting a cold the entire week leading up to Drag N Fly, so I just chalked up another morning of being exhausted, despite sleeping for 9 hours, as normal. My sister met me at my house and soon enough we drove down the street (20 minutes later…I love 6am traffic) and pulled into the parking lot. I then saw my In Laws, who were doing their first real trail run. As well as first Brazen run. They were going to walk the 5k course. My sister was suppose to walk the 5k course…..I should have walked the 5k course.

After talking a bit with some fellow Brazenites, Mr. Brazen rallied the 10k troops. Told us that people who ususally sign up for the 10k, never come back the next year.
Little did I know, there was a reason for that.

Immediately after crossing the starting line, we go up the parking lot. Last year I ended up having to walk up the hill. This year, I managed to run up it. I thought to myself…hey! Maybe this won’t be so bad!! I’m doing better than I did before!!

I make it to the dirt and I’m still running (last year, I was walking still). I almost made it to the 5k turn off before I started walking.
It was getting hot.

Then I looked up……and crap.


I walked up this hill…from way down there behind that tree in the middle. Then it flattened out and went down.

The motto of Drag-N-Fly, is to Drag your ass up the hill then fly down the other side. I wouldn’t call what I did flying but I did manage to go faster than I would have on the flats. I thought….ok, just a little more up and then it’s all downhill from here.

It was getting balls hot out and I rounded the corner and saw this beauty.


It doesn’t look as steep in the picture but man, it was a fucktard of a hill. It cuts back to the left through the trees and then over the hill at the top.  It probably took me an hour to get up the hill. My sister texted me and asked how I was doing…I was just a little over that hill making my way down when I texted her back with something along the lines of, “I’m miserable. My nose is running, my ear aches, my stomach hurts, my head hurts….it’s magical. Oh and I’m pretty much sure I smell like ass.”
She responded back with this….


It seemed fitting only becuase not only was I doing Drag-n-fly but I was also doing the Beat the Blerch virtual 10k. The way I was feeling…the blerch was winning. Big time. I ended up having to walk a little on the downs because I was feeling dizzy/lightheaded. I had my hydration pack and a few Honey Stinger Gels but that sometimes doesn’t matter when youre probably dying of heat stroke (exaggeration….sorta). I finally got to back to the 5k turn off that I passed so long ago earlier in the day. Only a few more hills and about 2.5 miles to go and I’d be done.

Except….I was done. I wanted to blerch it and quit. Have cake and sleep.
Then have more cake.
Then I thought all the horrid thoughts….you know, running sucks, I should just quit, I’m not good enough, why did I sign up for a half in a few weeks, why am I streaking? I’m not a runner. I’m not cut out for this…I still stink. Quite litterally. I need new deoderant. I think I became immune to the one I normally use. I’m not getting any better or faster.

Then I realized I only had about a half mile to go. I texted J and asked her to get me chips, bananas and Ultima…STAT! I was dehydrated, calfs were cramping and my fingers were so swollen I wanted to eat them because I really did see hot dogs.

Mmmmmm….hot dogs.

I finally made it into the finish line. Grabbed my medal and snacks and nom nom nom…..



We didn’t stick around a whole lot after. We took some photos then left because I had to meet A and some friends at another event. I changed my clothes in the parking lot, used a lot of baby whips and an abundance of body spray and called it a day.

Oh, not before I had a giant plate of nachos.
And chili.
And hot links.
And cookies.
And the entire fridge.

Next year….I’ll stick to the 5k. Don’t even want to think about the half.


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Ha ha! Great race re-cap! Who cares if you smell? You just ate an entire fridge and won two awesome medals – and very well deserved too! 🙂

Comment by theblogrunner

Ha. That’s a better way of looking at it.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yikes, that course and those hills look intense! I had the same want-to-Blerch-it feelings during my trail race this weekend, but mine was only a 5K… way to stick yours out!! At least now you know to avoid this 10K in the future! 😉

Comment by dgobs

I’m hoping this was a lesson learned and next year…I don’t somehow sign up for the half.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Hey, I have those same compression socks!
Congrats on toughing out a hard course!

Comment by Judith / soveryslightlymad

I have like 90% of all PC socks. I really gotta stop buying them.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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