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Race Recap: Brazen Racing Trail Hog 5k
09.19.14, 08:59
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With Drag-n-Fly tomorrow, I figure today is as good of a day as any to finally write up my recap from Trail Hog. I haven’t written it yet, because, kinda like with everything else these past two weeks….I just don’t feel like it. Among other thing, I’m not being a very good blogger. Oh well. I don’t get free stuff out of blogging so there really isn’t that much motiviation for me to keep up with it except documenting my own meandering experiences for the benefit of…well….myself.

I’d say I ran Trail Hog last year, except I didn’t run it. I walked all 3.5 miles of it and it was hell. Having to walk a race due to injuries (i think it was a combination of both ITBS and Hip Flexor that day) was difficult. Being one of the last few people to finish but know you could have better (at least the last 20 to finish). It just sucked.

This year, was slightly different. I made the two terrible decision to wear capris and my SPI belt (this reads no water). For someone like me who gets ridiculously hot and thirsty, this was just a dumb move. Pants and no water? Idiot.

I ran the first mile in a freakin whopping 10:46 minute mile!! It may had something to do with the course being relatively flat and slightly downhill, but it was also kinda in the sand, so it equals each other out. Still, Amazing yes? And frustrating…my fastest is 10:44….I know, right?!?!?! I didn’t realize how much I was jammin’ since I didn’t really pay much attention to Garfield.
Trail Hog this year was more of a go have fun then have pizza after kind of year, so I didn’t really care to look at my time. I hit the water station and grabbed some Ultima and walked a bit. I was getting hot. Then I hear J behind me. Someone who should have been no where close to me because they’re suppose to be walking per docotors orders caught up to me. So…I drank all her water in one of her bottles. I stuck with her the rest of the way. We walked a bit more than normal and ran some, goofed off a bunch and then I drank all the water in her other bottle. We got to the last mile marker with only a little bit to go. I was over heating and tired but jogged along. J took off and left me in her dust. So much for following docotors orders. She beat me. Someone who was suppose to walk, beat me. But I take things for what they’re worth…I ran a sub 11 mile and I set a course PR (forget the part that I walked all of last years) by 9 minutes. I could have done better. But I just didn’t feel like it. I was more excited about Woodstocks Pizza afterwards than running.
I think with streaking and my half marathon training I’m just getting so burnt out that it’s starting to become more of a pain than a pleasure. I won’t be training at all in October, so that will liven things up a bit and 2 of the 3 5ks I have in October I plan to walk the entire thing…so Maybe with that break, when I start my half marathon training (again) in November, I’ll be like a pheonix and all fresh and energetic! Once November/December hits the streaking slows down (as of today, 10 Brazen runs today then I’m an official streaker!!!) I’ll still have three each month but it’s not every other weekend anymore, so thst helps. Except two of the three are within 3 and 5 days of each other…I’ve done them before and they don’t seem as bad though…or maybe im just loosing it.

Onto Drag-N-Fly….the 10k probably isn’t the smartest decision and I’ll probbaly finish in 1:50…..but at least I”ll get 6 of the 10 miles in. I’ll just have to squeeze the other four in later that day.

Does splitting mileage still benefit you come race day or should I be doing them all at once? I’m already in a panic about my half in two weeks but I’ll complain blog about that later.


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