Attempted Runner.

I couldn’t muster the motivation.

It took me seven weeks and two days until I flaked out on one of my half marathon training days. Seven weeks is by far the most training I’ve ever done by a full six weeks. Ha.
On Saturday I did my 8 mile training run. Yes! Me! 8 miles! It was complete hell but I did it. Then the following days my knees were the achiest of aches. I took like 5 naps in two days and then I did a shit ton of calf raises so everything just hurt.
Hurt so good.
Also, over the Labor day weekend my ITBS band was getting all hyphy (aaahahahahhahaa) on me. A few painful miniscule moments happened and a lot of irritating twitching. Like, I’d just be sitting there and my muscle would just start fluttering like a little butterfly on a nice spring day. Being someone like me who was side lined for almost 6 months with ITBS issues (that stupid band, I tell ya), I didn’t want to be a little risk taker when I feel it do anything other than just be quiet.

Jump forward to today with my plan calling for three miles. Exhausted, sore calfs (but they are starting to look more defined) and a twitching IT band, I decided to be smart and not do it.

Instead, I spent an entire hour with these buddies.


I did feel a bunch of knots that don’t feel as naughty (ha!) anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up with bruises all over my legs from digging in there so much, but it just felt so good to get in there. With both the stick and the R8, I was also able to get into my hip flexor. Which is just impeccable all on its own.

I then figured I need to still work on my glutes/quad/calf muscles because those need strengthening to prevent injury. I still do my 20 squats everytime I use the restroom and….I don’t know what they’re called but they’re some sort of ballet ostrich type move. Along with my calf raises and my newest genius move….leg presses. No, I don’t go to the gym and use their weight machines but I do use my treadmill.

My treadmill (well, it’s really J’s but it’s at my house so that makes it mine) is one of those ones that the belt can fold up to make more room when its not in use. Well…..I don’t know how to explain it, but you can do this with it and bam! Instant leg press!


Lay in front..or behind? the treadmill and put your feet on the underside of the belt. Then release the lock thing and the belt comes down on you, but then you just bend your knees, then press them extended out and ta da!

It’s not the heaviest but you still feel some muscles working….and it’s free….and McGyver rigged.

So, although I really wanted to nail every single day of training the smart part of my brain said to cool it and take another “rest” day.
Hopefully, missing out on 3 miles won’t set me back too far. I’ll try to get my 40 mins of cross training tomorrow, but I’m not too worried if I don’t. Its my cousins 5th birthday and I may just be running around with him. The arcade had skeet ball and basketball. That’ll get my heart rate going and him more tickets for prizes. It’s a win, win for the both of us.


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Really interesting read. Don’t go too hard on yourself now!

Comment by Kelly Maxwell

Great read, dont go too hard now!

Comment by Kelly Maxwell

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