Attempted Runner.


I’ve never been one to follow a training plan. That’s probably why my half marathon attempt back in 2013 went disastrously wrong.
However, I’m proud to say that I’m halfway done with my half training and I’ve stuck to every single day. I do the exact time/mileage or more and NEVER cut it short. I did them all on the days I was suppose to as well. Except for this past weekend. There was an event that A wanted to go to on Saturday, so I switched my Friday rest day to Thursday and did the 3 miles on Friday. I took Saturday as a rest day (even though I walked around the fair grounds for 8 hours) and did my Saturdays long run of 7 miles on Sunday.
J met up with me and rode my bicycle along side of me as my support vehicle since she isn’t suppose to run.


We did our typical thing. She yelled at me to go faster like a drill sergeant coach. We talked about food….it’s my favorite hobby. We laughed. We kept quiet. We took pictures.




Or at least tried. J was having troubles working the camera and the bicycle at the same time.



See…the benefits of this being my blog and using my camera on the run, was that I can pick and choose which photos to use. Magically, all my blurry and/or ground photos have been deleted….weird.

So, I’m trotting along with J singing to herself behind me and my first thought was…

Wow. I’m actually out on a training run. A long training run, at that. When we use to do the Fleet Feet group runs, we stuck with the 6 mile and under routes. The last (and only) time I did more than that (on non race days) was a month before my half when I did 7 miles on the treadmill. So, I was a little proud of myself that I was out and actually doing it. Then around mile 5 I started to get tired. I was keeping consistent with the 5/1s (run/walk) like my plan said but really started to struggle to finish the 5 minute segments. Then I started to worry because this Saturday I have an 8 mile long run. That’s longer than 7. That’s scary.
Then of course, my hip flexor starts to get tired/sore (I’m going farther each time before it starts hurting though!), my other knee (my ITBS knee) started to hurt….Then my mind went nuts and started to doubt everything in life.

And I mean everything.

I was making myself drive straight ahead into the wall I was about to hit.

So, as I start to walk to get my knee brace out of my backpack, to you know…try to reverse all the negetives…and just an excuse to walk longer than one minute, I hear someone yelling;

“Oh no you don’t!!!”

At least I think thats what he said. Maybe it’s what I imagined what he said, because I realized it was Big D and he just caught me walking.


We stopped Garfield and Fishdick (hahahhahahaha that’s still the best name for his Garmin) and chatted a bit about the 6.0 magnitude earthquake that hit at 3:20am that morning.


I didn’t want to hold Big D up any longer since it was getting hotter and he was doing his 15 mile training run. So, I thanked for him letting me have a nice little break from moving and we parted ways.

I then felt a little rejuvenated. If he can do 15, then I shouldn’t complain about my 7 since I only had about 1.5 more miles to go. I resumed my 5/1s without struggle and caught up to J at the trails “information” station. She was looking at the map that has all the trails in my area marked out and just as I grabbed the map fro her and slowed to a walk to look at the map…..



The Chef was out with her friends doing a 10 mile training run. I didn’t get a photo with her but….Man, oh man, apparently with the 150 some odd miles of trails that all connect to the one right outside my front door, I run into people I know. Well….more like walked into people I know. Semantics.

After we said goodbye to her, J and I talked about how a year or more before we were out on those trails and didn’t know anyone, now…now we’re apart of the running community and actually know people now! We’re popular. Haha. With only .50 miles left before I hit 7, I was loosing steam. With Coach J screaming at me to keep going and my own self telling me that I can do it, I finished my seven miles. I even finished it almost 15 minutes faster than that one lonely trek on the treadmill back in 2012. Despite my almost 2 year long set backs with my hip flexor strain and ITBS flare, I still did it faster.
Somewhere along the line, I didn’t do my math correctly [figures] and went out farther on one of the trails than I should have. I did the only logical thing in this situation….

I commandeered my bicycle back from J and made her walk the last quarter mile home.


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Yep, that is indeed what I said! BUSTED!!!

Comment by Big D

Not only did you see me walking, but also in my sweaty red faced glory. Sorry you had to see that. ::::giggles:::

Comment by Attempted Runner

Man, sounds like you need to pick routes for your training runs that aren’t frequented by people you know 😉 Haha, no really great job! I kind of hate long runs, so way to kick this one’s butt, even though it was trying to kick yours! Also, fishdick is a hilarious name for a Garmin 🙂

Comment by dgobs

The Chef… I like it. 😉

Comment by Ratattooee [Remastered]

I give everyone nick names for Safety purposes. You just happen to have a good one.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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