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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Bear Creek 2014

This is my first year doing Bear Creek and usually at my first time at Brazen events I do the 5k to just test things out. Well, my half marathon training had other plans. I was to do 6 miles per the plan so I had no other choice but to do the 10k.
I’m still not sure if it was as effective, since I walked most of it (freaking hills are so hard!!) But I still put in the effort.
I also put in the effort of making my go to pre race breakfast (English muffin, two eggs, and a turkey sausage patty. I still thank Leggs every day, wether she knows it or not, for my breakfast sandwich maker). When I mean pre race breakfast, I mean I have it every time. Yes, that does include packing it into my suitcase on out of town runs. Some people make coffee in their hotel rooms. I make gourmet meals.


Sorry, I get side tracked when talking about food. It’s my favorite. Anyway, Bear Creek isn’t to far from me at all, so we got there early enough that the fog didn’t even burn off yet.



I think this was actually a mile into the run.

As usual, Brazen had the whole thing set up perfectly and I was able to grab my 5k bib and upgrade to the 10k in record time. J and I hung around, talked with a few people and stretched all while I was secretly dreading the upcoming 2 hours.
I wasn’t really wanting to do 6 miles. The higher mileage starts to scare me because of my hip flexor fiasco and thinking it’ll flare up again. Thay and the added hills doesn’t sound like a good combo. Since J is struggling with some foot issue she shouldn’t couldn’t really run and decided to upgrade as well but go my pace. Silly, just because you go slower doesn’t mean you should do 6 miles.
Well, by the first 0.10 miles we both regretted it since both our legs felt like 1,000 pound logs. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was a road race because we would have “warmed up” but with Bear Creek, the first 3.5ish miles is just up. About 2 miles of a steady incline and then switches to a steeper incline to a 1300 ft. elevation for the last 1.5 miles.
When we hit the first aid station, I was already zonked and it was only 2 miles in. Just before the steep climb. I took a runfie of us and was obligated to make fun of J for her facial expression she was making. Yea, I didn’t even notice that mine wasn’t any better, which make this picture and it’s memories that much more priceless. 



We finally made it to the top and it was beautiful! We were able to see the tippy top of Mt. Diablo! We were also able to run because it was flat or down for the rest of the time (a few little ups but nothing to write home about).


I saw a stick on the trail!


Which was funny because earlier that morning a few of my Brazen Racing buddies all talked about how every stick on a trail run is a snake until proven otherwise. So really…I found a snake!

As I’m running along, taking pictures and eating (hahaha) I felt that the Going ups were hard but going downs were more fun and easy. Every trail race shoud be going down.Both ways. In the snow. On a sled.
I started to get tired (hip pain tired) though around mile 4-5. I started cracking jokes that Bear Creek was like a miniature Double Dipsea. That was right about the same time I saw a log in the trail. Dipsea you have to climb over a full on giant ass Redwood tree that is blocking the trail. Here, we have logs.


When I really wanted to quit (6.12 miles of the 6.2 marked out trail) I came across stairs.

Dipsea has stairs.

Lots and lots of stairs.


It was a nightmare all over again for 34 seconds and then I saw the finish line and Mrs. Brazen welcomed me back. She also mentioned that I was one of the whack-a-do’s (my words not hers…she used crazies) trying to be a streaker. It made me feel better and then glad that I did the 10k. It may have taking me 5 hours (1:45:22?) but I still got it done. It also allowed me to eat a lot more at Leggs’ baby shower because I burned like 1600 calories!!! We all know how I feel about eating…….
I would do Bear Creek again. Would I do the 10k again? I’d have to say yes because the 5k didn’t get those views that we did! The view alone was worth it.


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WOW! That photo from the top of Mt.Diablo-I’m jealous!

Comment by Brandi

California does have some perks.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I second the “wow!” about the photo of the top of Mt. Diablo! What a gorgeous picture! Almost makes it worth the climb to get that view? 😉

Comment by dgobs

Also, well done conquering the 10K!

Comment by dgobs


Comment by Attempted Runner

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