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Race Recap: Summer Breeze 2014

It’s been almost a week and a half since Summer Breeze and I still haven’t done the race recap. Not that there would be anything too exciting in it, but none the less, I figure I better poop it out (yes, I said poop it out. I’m immature) because Bear Creek is this weekend. What would be worse than having one recap not written? Having two!! I’ve just been so busy with work, half marathon training and everything else that I just don’t have time it seems.


I’ll skip to the good parts. As you can see, I’m wearing a Sparkle Athletic skirt rather than my usual shorts look. Reason being, I got tired of my crotch eating my shorts in 90% of my race photos. That, and having to pull them down out from my crotch got tiring because after awhile the bunched up material just starts to bother. I don’t recall it being that bad, but then again I was also a little bit lighter before. Yes, that reads as a little less chun run to grab your shorts and pull them up into your crotch.

Anyway, to solve the problem, I wore a skirt. I’ve worn it before, only during RunDisney events, where you are pretty much required to dress in costume or flashy outfits. I just haven’t worn it at a regular race so I felt out of place. It took me five three whole days to decide if I would wear it or not. In the end, I had the “oh, bloody hell….::shrugs:: fuck it,” moment and that ultimately sealed my fate. The rest of the outfit choice, was…well…because I can and I wanted to wear my new socks.

Annnnnyway!! When we got to the marina I went to the 10k line and asked for my bib. They didn’t have it. Slight panic moment until I remembered that I originally signed up for the 5k and was going to upgrade to the 10k. My half marathon training program called for 5 miles that day but I thought I would have more of a probability of actually doing the 5 miles, if I did the 10k rather than doing the 5k then going back out for another two…and so for the three weeks prior, I just kept seeing Summer Breeze 10k on my calendar and forgot. Once I did successfully locate my 5k bib and upgraded to the 10k, but dredding it, I waited around for the show to start.

I may have looked all cool, calm and collected…..and excited as all hell…


But don’t be fooled. I wasn’t. I really wasn’t looking forward to running 6.2 miles. I didn’t even really want to do a 5k, nor even wake up that early in the morning. It was an off day. That, and I think I was a little hesitant, because 6.2 miles would be the farthest I’ve gone since back in January with my stupid ITBS/Hip flare up (I’m not counting my long hikes and my attempt at Dipsea of course).

So, chatting with some people then having to line up with everyone else, I was just like….”meh, lets get this over with.” The first mile, I was ok. Ran it in its entirety. The second mile, I hated, but still rain it’s entirety. No, I take that back, I ran .90 miles of it. The third mile I walked a little more, but still tried to run more than walk. I even saw that I was up for a 5k under 40 so I ran so hard that when I hit 5k, I wanted to vomit and people probably thought I was having an asthma attack. I think it was 37:50 or 38:50. I forget now.

“No, No…I’m fine, I just ran like Ryan Hall for a minute…or three and want to die. That guys fast.” – my head.

I grabbed a few gummy bears and felt a little energized again and felt better, so I ran the fourth mile until I came off my runners high. When my hips were getting a wee bit tired (least it wasn’t sore!!! I must be getting stronger. I’ll take tired over sore any day).

Mile five, I started to slow down and my calfs started to cramp up but I pushed through that. Mile 6, I just wanted it to be over. My hips were starting to transition from tired to sore even more. Apparently, my training program was right with doing 5 miles cause that’s all I could have handled without starting to hurt.
I eventually made it across the bridge and the finish line was so close! I kept running even though I wanted to stop.

I finished in…1:24:something something. It’s not my first fastest, it’s not my second fastest….but it was my third fastest 10k. However, I must say that considering I hit a good (enough for me) 5k time and starting on with having hip issues and not running that far in over 7 months….I say it’s not bad. I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

I crossed the finish line, grabbed my sweatshirt (I love!) and that’s when I really felt things hurting. Over the course of an hour, I was caught in various poses that some would say I was crapping my pants. I would like to set the record straight and say that other than sweat, my underwear was clean and I was stretching! These are very good hamstring stretches.




By the time I got home, everything hurt. I used my new R8 recovery torture device and magically fell asleep into a drool induced state for an hour. I never do that! Nap, I mean…I never nap. I drool when I sleep regularly though. I must have been tired.

I’ve kept up on every single day of my half marathon training to date. I’m on the second day of week 5 and going strong. I hope this momentum sticks with me on Saturday when I have to upgrade again to Bear Creeks 10k. It won’t be as easy as Summer Breeze though. That’s why I need all the “You can do this!” vibes, I can get. Summer Breeze is pancake flat. Bear Creek has a steady 1300′ elevation gain for the first 2.5 miles or something then I guess it kind of flattens out (meaning tiny tiny tiny speedbumps of rolling hills. Total elevation +/- is 1408 for the 10k) before we go back down. It’s a course I’ve never done. Some people say it’s the hardest (hopefully that’s just the half because I’ve done some pretty horrible runs…dipsea, summit, etc.) but others say it’s easy enough for a trail run.

Maybe I should stick with the 5k…it’s only a 500 elevation gain. Ha.


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That jumping pic is great! Sorry it was rough but it sounds like a good race!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

I’ll get better and one day I can write a recap that doesn’t involve me struggling.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I imagined the commercial with Ryan Hall running beside the car with Ryan…forgetting his last name….and he’s totally chill and not even breathing hard. Because he’s that good.

Comment by Runningfromitall

He’s hot.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yes that! And yes he is.

Comment by Runningfromitall

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