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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Bad Bass 2014

This past Saturday marked the third year that I’ve done Bad Bass just for the halibut.


That joke never gets old.

I enjoy Bad Bass for many reasons but the top priorities on why it’s a good race are:

  • It has a Scottish theme, so there are kilts
  • Bag Pippers are piping
  • The [5k] course is 97% shaded

For those obvious reasons, it’s one of the fun ones. This time around I even had a larger gang that did the run with me; J, T, Legs, Mr. Legs, Soon to Be Little Legs. At one point, I also met up with Amer, The Chef and The Chef’s friend, I forgot her name…it’s unique. My gang is getting so big!! But that’s all besides the point, I suppose.

Let’s see…a race recap….we arrived at the Loch at 7am (with a race start for me of 8:35) because parking fills up quickly and unless you want to park down the street and walk up a hill aftetwards, be my guest and arrive later. When we got there and met up with everyone, we made our way to pick up our bibs and tshirts. After much deliberation on J’s part, she upgraded to the 10k. I stuck with the 5k since it’s what my RnR training plan called for. Well, it was 4 miles, but we’ll get to that later.

Side note: the tshirt brand that Brazen went with this time is incredibly soft! Of all my Brazen shirts, the ones that get worn way too much are the super soft ones (Ex: NYD14, Quarry and Nitro Turkey 2013, Bad Bass 2013, Drag N Fly 13, etc.)

So, we’re just hanging out waiting for our race to start and all that when I noticed that not only is Mr. And Mrs. Brazen wearing kilts, but the two Little Brazens had them on too!!


Mr. Brazen. I didn't get Mrs. Brazen.


That’s just precious.

So, it’s getting closer to my race time and I started stretching and warming up. I lined up in the coral and I like to think I finally picked a good spot that wasn’t too far back yet wasn’t blocking all the fasties to slow them down.

My plan of action was to do my 3/1’s like my training plan said, you know, run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat. Buuuuut that didnt happen. It’s impossible for me to do that on race days because I just get so caught up with the excitement and adrenaline of the crowd that I can’t stop within 3 minutes. Despite the low and steady incline I ran the first 1.25 miles which I then started the run/walk except I didn’t pay attention much to the minutes. I do know I only walked for a minute, but the runs ranged from 3 – 5 minutes.

I even ran up that crazy big hill in the really hot part of the course. Go me!! By the time I made it to the turn around aid station, I thought I was making pretty good time. I think I hit the second mile in 26 minutes. It’s nothing fast, but for me, at the second mile, its progress.

Then it started to get hot and I subconsciously slowed down. I didn’t notice it at first until I looked down at Garfield and saw the time. The earlier calculations I did, were long gone. I was off schedule. My 1 minute walks turned into 1:30 minute walks. My run times were getting slower. I kicked myself in the face for “loosing it” and determined that I would run the last part in without stopping (it was around 2.85 and the course distance is 3.28).

And so….I did.

I finished and sat down. I was a little mad at myself for not trying harder. I got stuck in LaLaLand and didn’t realize what was going on, until it was too late. I had a chip time of 43:55. It wasn’t my slowest (48:00 in 2011) and It wasn’t my fastest either. Last year about a month into training (before I got injured) I finished the same course in 39:50. So, as I sat there I contemplated on doing my 4th mile (per training) then or wait til I got home and do it later that night. Because I didn’t try hard enough, I got my ass off the ground, started up Garfield and went back out onto the course to do 1 mile. With my medal in hand and everything. I used safe race day (and common sense) so I wouldn’t interfere with anyone who was still coming in from the 5/10k runs. I finished my 4th mile and felt proud of myself. I didn’t feel completely zapped of energy like I have in the past after 5ks and other than hiking and Double Dipsea, since I got injured (January – my hip flexor strain flared), 4 miles is the longest run (and walk) that I’ve done! I got Summer Breeze 10k next week, which will be the longest and I’m kind of dreading it at the moment.

Anyway, I came back to the finish area and just about then T, Leggs and Mr. Leggs came in. I was really happy for Leggs, she’s 7 months pregnant (That’s where Little Legs was if you were wondering) and she said not only did she walk but she did try to trot along some as well.

T ended up having to leave immediately after, so the three of us waited for J to come in from her 10k.
Once J did arrive, the Legs had to leave to go finish some baby shower shenanigans, so J and I just hung out for a little bit. Talked more to Amer and The Chef. Ate some snacks and finally decided it was time to get lunch and move onto the second part of our adventure…..Expo Crashing!


So, the plus side to compression shorts is it prevents charging. The down side, it pushes all my fat up and gives me intertube belly. Lovely!

We went to Chiptole (duh) and then back to J’s house to wash the sweaty stink off us and change. I think we finally got in the car by 12:30 to head out to San Francisco. Except it was more like get stuck in traffic! The roughly 30 mile drive that would take 45 minutes per Google, took us 10days to get there! No joke! We finalllllly made it to Sports Basement at 2:45. Luckily, we got parking in the sports basement lot. The were having a free shuttle that took you over to Fort Mason and it was running every 15 minutes. Except everyone was trying to get to sports basement apparently and traffic began forming like crazy. The lady was like, “There is a small road block so the shuttle would be more around 40 minutes.” I said to her…”It’s only 1.5 miles….I’m walking!” In my head, my first response was, “Fuck this shit.” I think a Sailor lives in my head. He swears a lot.

I go get J who was inside getting snacks and told her, despite my flip flops and her hip pain..we’re walking! We only had about 1.5 hours before the expo closed so she said ok and we started walking. The traffic was about a mile out. It was because people were trying to get to Sports Basement for the free shuttle/parking but Sports Basement were only letting cars into the lot ONLY after a car left and opened up a parking stall. Luckily for J and I, we drove in through the back and got a spot before all the traffic started.

So, we get to the expo at 330ish and went straight to Nuun for some tabs and over to KT Tape for a good deal. Which they had! Last day of expo sale, 6 boxes of Pro for $60. J and I split it and got our rolls. That was pretty much all we wanted to do at the expo so we left shortly after. When we did arrive, there was a huge line to take the shuttle back (again, huge because the shuttles were waaaaay behind) and I thought we would have to walk back J said her hip was hurting (she was at 8 miles by this point) and the balls of my feet were chaffing. Long distances and flip flops don’t agree with me, so I was a little worried but we walk out of the expo and there was no line. The bus arrived in 2 minutes of us standing in line. We said that we may have to wait in traffic for 40 minutes but at least the AC was on. We get into the shuttle…96% of the traffic is gone and we’re back to Sports Basement within 10 minutes. Score!!

We did a little more shopping at the Basement with the 10% coupon and called it a day! We lucked out a bunch of times and were tuckered out.

All in all, I think it was a productive day.


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I applaud you for going back and doing the extra mile. Usually when I finish a Brazen race the biggest decision I’m faced with is whether to eat one or two It’s-Its. I won’t lie – sometimes there’s third too.

Comment by Big D

Hahahha. The pros of being Gluten intolerant! Except they added the Sundae bar. It’s tempting but I usually pass and leave it for the Halfers.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Nice job with that extra mile! And it sounds like a great race, those 2 little ones in kilts are adorable!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Thanks! And yes, they are adorbs! They’re at ever rash and usually have something or do something that makes you go “awwwwww.”

Comment by Attempted Runner

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