Attempted Runner.

I’m completely bored out of my mind.

Today marks the seventh day of my Half Marathon Training and I am completely bored out of my mind.


I know a habit doesn’t form over night, nor a week…and it’s not like I went ridiculously nuts with working out this week but a rest day?

Kill me now.

I keep thinking:
I’m bored. I’ll go for a bicycle ride. Oh, wait…rest day, nevermind.
Maybe I’ll go for a walk…oh day. I forgot.
How about some squats? Sit ups? Push ups? Oh….riiiiiiiight….

Hopefully this, “Let’s get physical” bug is still around tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a rest day.

I’ve already done the grocery shopping. Cleaned the kitchen. Did the laundry. Made the bed. There’s nothing left, excpet Netflix and reading but I don’t even want to do that. Maybe I’ll take a nap and hope that by the time I wake up, I can start to prepare dinner, then next thing I know, bed time and Monday!

My first week in training though, went decently. For starters, I actually did all 7 days as instructed! I even added time to the cross training days!!

For the two cross training days, I did 50 minutes of Hatha/flow yoga (day 1) to get the blood flowing and the body limber for the week to follow. Day 3 was a routine I found on Pinterest called 5 to 50, which I modified slighty. Basically you have 10 different excercises and the first exercise you do 5 of, the second is 10, third is 15 and so on and so on. Increments of 5 until you get to 50. I did (in no particular order): Around the world lunges, sumo/skinny squats, v ups, crunches, those planks where you rotate from being on your palms to your forearms, push ups, wall sits, donkey kicks, tick tocks and that’s all I could remember (ha! The last one I can’t remember must have been pure torture that I just blocked it out). By the time I was done, I was so sweaty and the next day but butt muscles were sore. I’ll say that it worked.

My three running days, were 2 miles each on day 2 and 4 followed by 3 miles on day 6. The plan said to either do an easy consecutive run or 3/1s. I opted for 3/1s (3 min run, 1 min walk), since I haven’t really done a good decent “run” in awhile. I’m out of shape. Sweat drops covered the treadmill belt and stung as they pieced my eyes. Why was that so much harder?

Day 4, I alternated the run/walk (treadmill) but didn’t do 3/1s. It was more 5/1, 6/1, 2/1, 3/1…I was all across the board. Don’t ask me how, but I was only two minutes faster from the consecutive 3/1s. I don’t know if that was a good thing or bad thing.

Yesterdays Day 6, I did outside. I wanted to go early (6:45-7:30) but for circumstances that annoyed me a little, I had to wait until almost 9 or 9:30…..When the sun was out. And it was hot. And I didn’t want to go. However, A volunteered to follow along as my support vehicle. Except he didn’t have water or chapstick. I didn’t have my hydration belt, so I didn’t have that either. Nor did I have music or anything. At times it was ok to run, others I walked. I was hot and thirtsy and my hard boiled egg kept trying to make a reappearance in my mouth. I wasn’t having it. This was why I wanted to go earlier when it was cooler. I hate heat. Well, after doing my loop and having to circle my driveway a few times to make an even three miles, I took my pants off and vowed to wear shorts next time (I make this vow regularly…I never learn), drank water, noticed how unbelievably red I was then took a shower. Despite the ice cold shower, I was still red for the greater part of an hour. I was like a lobster who got sunburnt. It’s embarrassing.

Later in the day, I uploaded Garfield to see my statsitics. I slowed down a bunch in the third mile, but the first two miles were a whole 3 minutes faster than day 4 (5 faster from day 2). I’m not sure if it’s because I was outside or if because the treadmill I have isn’t calibrated correctly. I’m probably running farther on the treadmill than what I think I’m doing! Go figure.

We’ll see how next week goes. Days 8-12 are the same (a variety of 2 mile runs and 25 minute cross training). I’ll try to do the runs outside depending on the weather and darkness. I need mace. Then on Saturday, I’m to do 4 miles. I’m not sure how I’ll work that out, since I have a 5k that day. Should I do the 5k, then while waiting for J do the 4th mile? I think she’s doing the 10k. Or do I do the 5k then later that evening after potentially crashing the SF Marathon expo, do my 1 mile? So many decisions. I got time to decide…

Well…that killed some time. Now what to do?


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Rest days are nothing but the work of the devil. When you’re out of shape, a rest day turns into a rest week and you end up having accomplished nothing, and when you’re IN shape or a running rhythm all you can think about is how much you want to run! Keep up the good work!

Comment by Morgan Oats

Yep. Doing the 10k.

Comment by Runningfromitall

You don’t like rest days? How can you not like rest days? They’re the best bit!

Comment by abradypus

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