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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Dirty Dozen / Brazen 100 Races


Now that’s what I call a party….

Every year, Brazen Racing has put on an event called, Dirty Dozen. It also includes Half Dozen and both the Dirty Dozen 5k and 10k. The Dirty Dozen consists of a 12 hour run. Its set up for a 3.3 (I think it was) mile loop with an additional .67 loop later in the evening, depending on your time. The half dozen, obviously is the same endurance run, only 6 hours total. The object of both Dirty and Half Dozen, is go as many laps as you can go. You can set up your base camp along the timing mat and aid station (that is stocked all day and not just with candy/chips/gu but with hot and real sustenance type food) area. So if needed, you can change your sweaty clothes. Apply new bandaids. Change your stinky socks. Or just to sit down for a minute…or thirty.
Each time you cross over the starting line mat, youre marked off for completing another lap. Once it gets closer to the 6 or 12 hour cut off, you can switch to the smaller 0.67 loop. This allows you to still rack up milage without risking the chance of taking the longer loop and not making the cut off (it would void out that last ditch effort of 3.3 miles…or even the .67 mile if you didn’t cross the finish line before the timer went off). 

As mentioned, there is also the 5k and 10k runs. You can either choose to do the 5/10k in the morning or do the 5/10k race in the evening. In total, there are 6 different races over the 12 hour period. You can sign up for anywhere between 1 to 3 of them. For instance, you can register for the 12 hour event and start running at 7am. Then make sure you are at the starting area by 9am so you could run the morning 10k…if you run the 10k, they will still add that to the mileage of your 12 hour run I believe. Then…once you’re done doing the 10k, continue back on the course to rack up more miles throughout the day….. Around 5pm, again, be close to the start so you can do the 5k. Run that, then back out to finish up the 12 hour run. You can do that during the 6 hour run too…you would just have to wait around for a few hours until the evening 5/10k races.

Oh, you can also have relay teams for the Dirty/Half dozen and the only rules are that its a group of three and at least one of you has to be out there at all times. If two of you are doing the loop together, it only will count as one loop since your team only gets one bib.

It all seems very difficult and confusing and it’s bound to have some hiccup in tracking runners or whatever, right? Right?….but guess what?


Mr. And Mrs. Brazen are fucking bad asses that know what they are doing and the entire day went smoothly!!

This year also marked Brazen’s 100th race, so rather than calling them the Dirty Dozen 5/10ks they both were lumped together and called the 100th celebration races. Since this was the first year of me participating in the event, I just did the 5k. J and T were there too, of course. Yep, I said T. She hasn’t been racing lately but she decided to come back for a few.

Anyway, I met up with those gals a few hours before our race time. We kinda just hung around and watched the 6/12 hour runners make loop after loop.

Then a few newly added members to my small gang showed up. We became loud and obnoxious (in a good way) by cheering on some people we know..and some we didnt even know.


Gangs all here! You probably saw this already on J's blog...if you follow her, that is.

So, as were cheering people on, giggling and having a grand ‘ol time, Mr. Brazen asked us to go to the starting line to let everyone know where to line up at. So…we did.

With all the timing mats being used and the complexity of the event, the 5k and 10k both started at the exact same time (we’re usually seperated by roughly 15-30 minutes depending on the course) and our time was based off gun time rather than chip time (the chip worked for when you crossed the finish line though).

I didn’t know that ahead of time, but I didn’t really care. The day wasn’t about time (not like I’d set any records anyway) or about running…walking..jogging…crawling.. but about having a fun time celebrating Brazens 5 years and 100 races. Did you know, they started the first year with only four events? Now…they have 26 a year and they just keep adding more!

And I’m doing every single one of them. Brazen Streaker 2014!!

Yes, back on track…so, not caring about anything I just did whatever. I ran/walked with J for the 5k. The park we were at, opened up a new trail so there was no more “big hill” that we needed to climb. I personally liked the new course better. I did feel tired towards the end, like my legs didn’t want to work…I hate that, but in my defense, I’ve been the most laziest of people since Dipsea. However, I finished. I don’t recall what my time was and I’m too lazy at the moment to pull up the results but I think I was around 45 minutes. Most of those 45 minutes were goofing off and talking about, booooooys, with J. Haha. I finished and got my medal while J did her second loop (she did the 10k) and T came into the finish. 


Did you notcie my fancy Mr. And Mrs. Brazen Button! A few members of the secret elite Brazen club organized a special gift for Mr. and Mrs. Brazen. The group leaders requested at least 100 people tell of their best times with Brazen which they were going to put it into a book to surprise Mr/s. Brazen with. The people who wrote those stories got a button.

Once J finished and met up with us, we grabbed our BBQ (it was free to the runners) and with my hot red sweaty face and hungry belly…I stuffed it in my mouth like there was no tomorrow. I even grabbed bread all full of gluten because I’m hard core. And an ice cream! Just call me Fat Pants McGee.


That was yummy. We hung out some more with a few other members of my small gang and soon enough it was about time for the 6 hour race to wrap up. One guy, he was speedy!! As the guy crossed the mat to start the next loop, one of the volunteers said he only had 4 minutes to make it count. A few minutes pass and they begin the countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2…..guy comes barreling in and finished with 1 second to go. He did 0.67 miles in 4 minutes…..AFTER doing how ever many miles for 6 hours. I was impressed.

As we were walking towards the car, we heard chanting for Mr. Brazen. They presented both Mr. And Mrs. Brazen with the 100 celebrations book and I got to witness it! They originally were going to do it before the 6/12 hour races started so I thought we missed it. But we didn’t!
They loved the book! You can buy a copy for $2,000. Ahahhaa, no joke.


Mr. Brazen thanking us, but we really thank them.

The Brazen family with their cute littles too.
Side note: Mr. Brazen did the Western States 100 mile run just the week prior. He’s totally bodacious.

We also thanked both of them individually for their superb being. They are truely exceptional.

After those shenanigans, we finally packed it up, took a few after photos and called it a day.




I think I'll stick with my marathon socks, not racers.

On my lonely drive home (I met everyone at the park), I decided that next year, I’ll do the 12 hour run. Not the relay, but solo. If someone (J) wants to do it with me then at least we can run the course together during those last few hours when you just can’t do it alone anymore. I already asked mom and she said she would be at our camp making us sandwiches and charing iPods (with those solar chargers) and change our bandaids for us. My goal would be to do 30 miles. That’s only 10 laps….and I’d have twelve hours. I can tell people I did a full marathon too. They just don’t need to know that I stopped and had bbq and a nap in between. :0)

*I’m off work in 6 minutes and didn’t bother to spell check this post. So please disregard any spelling/grammar errors. Just chalk them up to speedy fat finger mistakes.

**I’m going to edit. There are horrible mistakes.

***I did my edit. It at least makes sense now.


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One of these days I need to go west and do a Brazen event. They should put you on the marketing payroll.

Comment by Judith / soveryslightlymad

You should!! They’re fun. And….I’ll work for race fees. (if you volunteer, you do get race credits, which are transferable, so if grandama wants to be course Marshall at a turn around…you can take her credit for a free entry. Any race. Any distance.)

Comment by Attempted Runner

Wow. That’s smart of them. Getting volunteers can be tricky and they’ve found a way to make it work for everyone.

Comment by Judith / soveryslightlymad

Another reason they’re the greatest.

Comment by Attempted Runner

That sounds like it was a fun day! 12 hours sounds a little scary, though!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Nothing is scary compared to dipsea now. Hahaha.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I can’t wait for my sweatshirt.

Comment by Runningfromitall

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