Attempted Runner.

Day 2 of Half Marathon Training.

Well, I’m not sure if you know or not….because I didn’t really say anything about it….but Monday kicked off my 12 week half marathon training. It will lead me all the way up to October 5th. I have high hopes that my third half, will be exponentially better than my previous two.


With that, I picked up the training plan from, for the beginner program because let’s be honest here…I haven’t trained at all for any half, so I’m still a beginner (with two behind my hydration belt).
I did a few slight modifications to accommodate for all the runs I have lined up.


Basically, if I stick with the plan (I’m going on day three. Longest streak ever!) and my slight mods, I’ll be doing a total of 142 miles and not the 141.1 that the plan calls for. That mileage, plus the mileage I have already racked up on my New Balances, I can get new shoes after that!!  I really want those teal 860v4s.

I also have 6 races with one virtual that just happens to line up on the same day as Drag-n-fly, so its a twofer medal!!

Two for the price of run.   

Because really? When you can’t head to WA, and there’s a beat the blerch verch (virt…. Virtual, I really stretched it on that one) why not sign up? I get a t-shirt, medal, a blerch squeeze ball and maybe…just maybe, individual packets of nutella and cake so I can just hit the wall, sit down and eat my sorrows because I do….believe in the blerch.


I also REALLY tried REALLY hard with nutrition since Monday and before I jinx myself…I’m doing well with that. ::crosses fingers::


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Good luck with your training! I need to start half marathon training soon too… yikes.

I think the Blerch Verch was a good stretch 🙂 The swag from that looks amazing, especially since it’s for a virtual race! I ❤ the Oatmeal.

Comment by dgobs

I don’t know what I’m more excited about…the stuff I k ow I get, or the “?????” Much more !

Comment by Attempted Runner

Good luck on training! Looks like a solid plan- you got this 🙂

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

In 10 minutes I’ll be 4 out of 4 days on track!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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