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#juneathon 29 – 30: The end is the beginning is the end.
07.01.14, 09:52
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Juneathon is over. We can all either jump up and down for a job well done or that its over. The same reaction to both shall suffice.

How did I do? Eh. I did decently. Except that time I was sick. And that time, that I just…well, didn’t. I think there were a few days wrapped in there somewhere. I don’t remember. It was back in June. That was so long ago.


The 29th I spent some time with the M.I.L and F.I.L#2, and his kids (who are both like 30) and the grandbaby. Went grocery shopping and then kinda just relaxed in the heat while A put together the gate we’re he’s installing to keep the riff raffs out.  Later that night, I did a workout that primarily consisted of sit ups, push ups, squats, bridges and planks….and guess what! A joined me! He said he”ll make it a routine thing. Which leads to the 30th. We were suppose to go on a bicycle ride, but with 101℉ temps at 5pm….we both agreed that it was a lost cause. We did the same routine the night before. I still can do more sit ups. He can do more push ups though.

I think the bicycle and yoga is for tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be a lot less cooler. With the current forecast of highs of 80, it looks promising.


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Kudos for attempting Juneathon even when you didn’t feel great! I knew I wouldn’t have made it if I had tried, so I gave up before I even started. It’s a great mentality 😉

Comment by dgobs

It seems to be working! Keep it up!! I think next time (Janathon) I’ll go with your ethic. It seems more fun that way.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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