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#juneathon 28: Sweaty boobs.
06.28.14, 18:31
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That moment you're also greatful for the Valencia filter which masks the red face.

This is a post work out deep sigh of relief. I think its a hilarious photo and therefore I MUST post it. I re-downloaded the NTC app. I gotta start doing something again. I just feel so…blah! The inside of the house felt muggy and disgusting and it was nice and windy outside, so I grabbed my yoga mat and did my workout right there on the front sidewalk. Wouldn’t you know it….as soon as I start, the wind immediately stops. Then I got really sweaty….like sweat dripping down the crease of your boobs smahed into your sports bra, sweaty. For guys, its the equivalent of sweaty balls…..I assume of course. We all know those kinds of workouts are good ones. No? Just me?


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Lol… And, I got plenty to get sweaty. Gain a few extra pounds and I have to wear two sports bras. We have a great wind going right now also, better get out there. Me and my sweaty girls.

Comment by JustDeb

Boob sweat is the worse!! There is no amount of dry wicking material that can solve the boob sweat issue.

Comment by Attempted Runner

and powder turns to paste

Comment by JustDeb

Aaaahahahhahahaha !!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

nice… graphic

Comment by rundelrun

You’re welcome. :0)

Comment by Attempted Runner

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