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#juneathon 27: Break Stuff
06.27.14, 14:39
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It’s day’s like today that I wished I was a member at the UFC gym. Not only would I get into shape but I would also be able to punch someone something in the face.

I feel…..


I feel angry.

Queue up my sophomore-senior year (and the following years after) playlist of Limp Bizkit on repeat, in particular Break Stuff because its just one of those days…and now that I think about it…Slipknots People=Shit was another goodie.

Which makes me think of F.A.T.A, Atreyu, Thrice, Deftones…..Juggernaut….shoot…all these guys..

oh the good ‘Ol days.

You know, the days that everyone and everything just irriates you to pieces. You limit conversations to one or two words thinking people will take the hint that your busy and leave you alone. Your headphones on the most loudest setting that will allow you to not go deaf but still be able go emerse yourself into your own grumpy bubble.

I want to be left alone.

And I don’t even have any snacks or good food to est except stale chips and a stupid poptart. I don’t even like pop tarts. 

Since I’m not a UFC member, nor do I have a punching bag at home, I’ll have to work on doing some other physical activity to release some steam. Bicycle again? Maybe a quick run. Maybe I’ll even pull out the ol NTC app.


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Good song choice! Sorry it was one of those days.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

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