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#juneathon 25 – 26: I won stuff.
06.26.14, 14:20
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I won some stuff…did I ever mention that? Ultimate Direction was doing s giveaway with Zooms Run and I was selected the first week for this handheld.


Then a week or two ago, Gone For A Run was doing s sock giveaway. We all know I love me some socks!!


They’re so bright!!!


With that said, yesterday’s juneathon spent on the foam roller. My body is stiff, partly from sitting all day and partly because of my Tuesday workout. I was giving the “this makes me want to vomit it hurts so bad” face the entire time I was rolling around.

Tonight, I’m going to go on a bicycle ride. I don’t know how far yet (at LEAST 3 miles) but I do know I’ll stick to more of a relatively flat surface. Hills are the farthest thing from my mind at the moment.


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Lucky you!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I’m never this lucky. The world must be ending.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Pshaw! Maybe you’ll win some race PRs too.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

Great socks!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

I haven’t tried then on yet, but they’re soft…but supportive feeling all at the same time.

Comment by Attempted Runner

MORE STUFF!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

… look what you’ve done, you’ve aggravated my EMA (Exclamation Mark Addiction)

Comment by rundelrun

Any commonalities between my ellipses fetish?

Comment by Attempted Runner

Woo Hoo!! Good for you!!

Comment by JustDeb

Thanks. I hope I win more.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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