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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Trail Quake
06.23.14, 09:26
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It seems that Trail Quake was ages ago, although if memory serves me correctly it was only a week ago. I’ve lollygagged on writting up the recap but here you have it.

Since TrailQuake is in Saratoga, both J and myself had to get up early. I of course, needed to be up even earlier since I live 45 minutes even farther out. It was safe to say that when we got to the park, pretty much an hour and a half early we had plenty of time for naps. J grabbed her blanket and settled in…


While I just sat there and took pictures of my socks.


We ended up talking the whole time because we don’t need no stinking naps! It was getting closer to our start….

so we made a pit stop at the restrooms….it may be TMI, but we’re all runners here…this usually is a daily topic of conversation. My belly was hurting a bit and I attempted to make it unhurt. However, it wasn’t good on my part because there were people around and I get bathroom shy. Hahahaha. It’s sad. Really.
We get to the staging area and I was nervous. Not because there was a crazy hill we had to go up…not because last time on this course I fell and sprained my ankle…I was nervous because I was hoping I (to put it bluntly) woukdnt crap my pants halfway up the mountain. Hahahahahhaha. I said my belly hurt, didn’t I? As we were let loose to tackle the course, I stuck with J who was going to take it easy because of her nagging hip pain. We jogged the straights and walked the ups and then we got to the switchback trails. That means UP!! I was doing well until I came to a switchback turn and a family cut me off and got in between J and me. I sorta backed off because the mom was annoying me, badly. And J was long gone.  She had a son that clearly was having a difficult time but she was litterally pushing him up the hill and yelling things at him that I just thought was completely uncalled for. I’m not a parent, so who am I to judge? I just know that scenario would NEVER happen if it was me and my kid. Anyway, I finally ended up passing them because they stopped to give the kid water (I felt bad, she was yelling at him then too). But man, my legs didn’t want to work. I started to get fatigued and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it to the top, until finally!!! It was there! I grabbed some sports drink and an orange slice and stood there for a second while taking the fuel in (normally, I wouldn’t stop and just keep going). That family made it to the top, and again the mom annoyed me (told him he couldn’t get any food and there was no stopping!!) So I took off back down the mountain. I ran down the whole way, excluding the parts where I moved off to the side to let the super fast runners pass by. I felt like I was making good time. I wasn’t really sure how far I really was or how I was on time, since Garfield was acting up. I started him up at the start but about 1/4 mile in (according to J’s) it turned off.  I restarted it and maybe about a 1/2 mile in, it was off again. Finally the third time, it worked and kept track. Garfield only recorded 2 miles of the 3, so like I said…I wasn’t sure of my distance/pace.
When I made it to the bottom of the switchbacks where it began to flatten out, I continued running but then things started to go terrible wrong. My ear started hurting, my visor felt like it was squeezing my head like a pimple ready to pop, my calves were cramping and my blood sugar was dropping. Perfect! I slowed to a walk, adjusted my visor, drank some water and attempted to jog the rest of the way in. The faster I got to the finish line, the faster I was able to get snacks.
I made it in, I think my time was 50 minutes. Two minutes slower than the time I fell!!! Whatever, all I cared about was snacks. I went to the post race area and got some more oranges, M&Ms and potatoe chips. I felt a little better, so that was a plus. We didnt stay long, just enough to take the after photos.


That’s about how I felt. The smile was a phoney.
I got back to the car and we were planning on going to Woodstock’s (and I’ve been waiting for that moment for months!!!) But I had plans later that night…which I can’t even rememeber what they were at the moment, so we just went to Chipotle before heading home. I was tired and dirty and….Oh!! I had to help my F.I.L#1 move! So I wasnt even able to relax, take a shower or anything! It ended up being a very long day.



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Bad. Ass. Props for finishing what sounds like a wicked intense race!

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