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#juneathon 17 – 19: And on the Sabbateenth day….
06.19.14, 10:44
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I lasted 16 days in Juneathon, then on the seveteenth day, it was the holy day of rest. Thus, the sabbateenth day. I’m so witty.

I did a marathon on the 17th. Not the type that causes me to log mile after mile and do the exact things like in the The Oatmeal article….but it was a marathon, none the less.

I went to work because I had a meeting that I had to host (it sounds a lot more interesting to say I hosted it, rather than saying I pulled together the documentation, created the PowerPoint and then during the meeting I just worked the laptop flipping between slides). Once that was over, I left for the day and went home. I was sick and kept feeling all floaty and everytime I stood up, it intensified. I was suppose to take a nap but I just couldn’t get there, so I had a marathon of the Netflix variety.


Dexter is currently in my queue. I’m on season seven and since I still watch it throught the day, I should finish up around Tuesday or so. I’m thinking my next adventure may be Mad Men, unless someone has a better recommendation.

I did sweat while watching it. Not due to any physical exertion, but because with the cold or whatever I have, I just tend to break out in a sweat without any changes in my temperature…I keep a thermometer close to me.

Juneathon 18: I have no excuse. I didn’t leave work early. I was feeling slightly better but just exhausted still. I could have done something even if it was stretching, but I didn’t. I opted to go to bed at 7:30 and be alseep by 8:15. I just can’t get enough sleep it seems. I did laundry and made dinner, so its not like I just sat around all day…like I did Tuesday.

Which brings us to Juneathon 19: I’m going to force myself to do yoga tonight because I need to loosen up for Dipsea………my only other thoughts….why the heck did I sign up for this? I sure as heck picked a good year to be a streaker. Crap.

I also have a race recap to write up, but I’ve been so lazy I haven’t even done that yet. #fail.


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We just started going through Once Upon a Time on Netflix-so far we are enjoying it!

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