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#juneathon 15 – 16: A little (s)lackluster.
06.16.14, 12:56
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I’m still sick and I don’t want to do anything other than drink my caloric intake of orange juice and sleep all day long. But I can’t. Yesterday, slept in til 8am (10 hours of sleep on zzzquil). I called my dad and wished him a happy fathers day and to not fall in any ditches (again)….he was digging a ditch at his man cave house in the mountains, so it made the joke work. I then eventually got up, ate breakfast and went over to the F.I.L#2s house to wish him a happy father’s day. As we were leaving, my blood sugar was dropping so I got orange juice and ate jelly beans on my way to the reservoir for a BBQ with my F.I.L#1. 

We don’t care about F.I.L#3…so he can suck it.

Anyway, I kept my distance from the littles and just sat around. I did eat…a lot. So at least my appetite isn’t effected. :0/ wish it was. I did walk a little bit around the lake but not very far. I was tired.


I got home around 5 and slept. Ate dinner then slept some more.

Juneathon 16: I hate work. I got up and took a shower and then laid back down. It may be a little T.M.I but all I wanted to do was just lay naked in my bed. It feels so much more comforting than with clothes. It’s like a warm hug. Especially, right out of a hot shower. But sadly, I got dressed and dragged my ass to work. I have dayquil in my system, so that helps with the snot nose and very minimal caughing I have. I’m still beyond exhausted. And I have what I assume hot flashes would feel like. Hot, have a temp, the chills. I hate being sick. I did walk, again, with KDub to a few different places down the street to get some things. So that’s my excercise for the week!!! day. I gotta get better. I got Dipsea o. Saturday!!! Its already going to be hell in a handbag…I don’t need to add a cold to it too!!

At least I have my 1/2 gallon of orange juice and chicken soup.

I hate being sick. Maybe that’s why I never get sick.


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Get plenty of Vit.C in you!!!

Comment by rundelrun

I’ve had so much that I think I’m going to have Vit C. poisoning by the end of the day, Del.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Vit.D then 🙂

Comment by rundelrun

Hope you feel better soon!

Comment by dgobs

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