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#juneathon 12: someone call me a waaaambulance!!!
06.12.14, 12:32
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What a freakin’ day and its not even over. Let’s recrap:

  • I couldn’t fall asleep til 1am.
  • I woke up every hour until 5am.
  • I felt hung over for the third day. I really should just start drinking…it’ll make the hangover understandable.
  • I get to work and one of my coworkers “breaks” the printer. Rather than taking the intuitive and either fix it themself or call IT, they tell me I need to fix it. I walk by, see the problem, slam push the part back in continue to walk out the office like a bad ass and said, “There…its fixed!”
  • I walk down the street, get the package I have to pick up every morning and on the way to the mailroom, there was a fire. Alarms blaring, flashing lights, the robotic “attention, attention,” the fire doors on all the hallways shut. The metal fire barrier gates on the 2nd-3rd floor balconies begin to roll down all clankity, clank, clank like. It was like a baring down the hatches at the Pentagon during a zombie apocalypse. This, isn’t a problem. The problem was that I was in the process of stepping into the elevator. I was this close!!! ::pinches fingers together:: to being stuck in the elevator.
  • My jelly was frozen.
  • My butter was frozen.
  • I’m getting too fat for peanut butter, so my English muffin was a little anti climactic.
  • My pizza (lunch) was burnt.
  • I gotta go to our old dilapidated facility for a meeting for the rest of the day. With the employees I strongly dislike.
  • I have to go grocery shopping after work and I despise that
  • I have three loads of laundry left.
  • Aaaaaaand I still have to do Juneathon…and I have no idea what I want to do…

    I just want to buy these….



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    Buy them. Retail therapy is ALWAYS makes you feel better and you can count exercising the credit card as your Juneathon activity!

    Comment by winsometahn

    I like the way you think!

    Comment by Attempted Runner

    If you buy those shoes everything will be right with the world.. Go on, you HAVE to!

    Comment by Reallyarunner

    If I survive my first trail halfarathon next weekend, I’m buying them.

    Comment by Attempted Runner

    .. frozen jelly… could you not just pretend it’s like popsicle? ;P

    Comment by rundelrun

    Probably could have but It looked gross..

    Comment by Attempted Runner

    Oof, sounds like quite the day! You totally deserve those shoes 🙂

    Comment by dgobs

    I am so sorry but I laughed over the description of your bad day. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. As far as your jelly goes, I nixed the jelly and eat more fat in my new attempt at losing weight. So, I would’ve had the peanut butter, but no muffin or jelly. Lost over 5 pounds this week.
    I hope the rest of your day is better. As far as Juneathon, isn’t there some heavy book around that you can lift?

    Comment by JustDeb

    But my English muffins are really good. I don’t have any self restraint. That, and I can’t have too much sugar throughout the day other wise my belly hurts. Peanut butter is one of those items that’s on the especially bad stay away from list. Surprisingly, jelly would have been better. Good job on your 5 pounds though!!!

    Comment by Attempted Runner

    Thanks. I just started eating almond butter, no sugar in it. It is my new dessert, just a big spoonful eaten slowly.

    Comment by JustDeb

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