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#juneathon 11: that’s how the cookie crumbles.
06.11.14, 19:33
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Eleven days in and I might fail. I’m so tired its uncanny. I’m to the point of exhaustion where my head feels too heavy for me to even hold up. I don’t know how I managed worked. I woke up still feeling like I had a hang over. The only physical movement I did was go upstairs to use the little girls room and during  “Jeopardy” at work (I have one of those jeopardy daily calendars so each day is a question that I’ll ask my coworkers…..for the record, yes, I am winning.) we have a step stool that I was stepping up/down on while reading off the questions. I was three days behind on the questions since I’ve been busy. I got home and almost fell asleep on the sofa, but naps never happen in my favor. I had milk and cookies instead.

Then pizza……

Then bed.

Yay for day 11.  

*update at 9:30pm: I cleaned the house for two hours. That counts!!!


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I empathise…

Comment by rundelrun

Cleaning totally counts!!

Comment by dgobs

At least someone agrees with me!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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