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#juneathon 10: Executive decisions…I shouldn’t make them.
06.10.14, 21:57
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Last night was difficult. My headache, the heat, A’s fever, and very little sleep resulting in a tough morning. I felt hung over. I was late for work (4 minutes I think…I’m not too concerned about that) and didn’t want to be there. I just wanted sleep. At least I could look forward to a slow day.

Or I thought.

A provider is doing a case study and requested over 500 records. Some records had up to 7 volumns. Needless to say we had roughly 700-800 records we needed to get back. When the staff first got them, they didn’t check them off the ordered list but checked off the shipping list. The shipping list won’t help to see if the Doc reviewed the actual record that was ordered. Sooooooo…..executive decision on my part; check all the records off from the order list.


KDub, myself and 2 other employees started on it. Eight hours later we were done. Moving records and putting them in boxes and what not is work that we havent had to do since 2008. It was tiring. Between KDub and myself, we got through 75% of them because we’re the efficient workers. My arms/back are going to feel it tomorrow.

I also had to help diffuse a situation. Long story short, someone was refusing go fill out a form. Certain items on the form are required by California State Law. I had the pleasure (executive decision since my boss/managers are out of the office for the next few days) of pulling up the State Laws and all that jazz to show that its a misdemeanor if those items are left blank. Yep, an hour or so later the form was filled out and I’ll be certifying it tomorrow morning. Problem solved.

So, after a long and trying day I came home and took what I thought was a 2 hour nap….No, it was 12 minutes.

With weak arms and sleep setting in, I did a few rounds of the jumping side lunge and side plank..somethingruthers (sweataday 9 and 10). Followed by 60 different set of sit ups (Spartan30). I need to do more….a lot more sit ups. Oh! I also did some step up things using the giant military ammunition box.

So….I got my heart rate up. I got a little sweat going on….my body will probably be sore in a good way tomorrow and yet, I cannot fall asleep. Again.



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