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#juneathon 9: sizzle, sizzle, pop.
06.09.14, 21:53
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Today wasn’t any cooler than yesterday. Too hot to actually do anything. Around 11 this morning, I took a walk with KDub, down the street. It was hot then…like 88 with a RealFeel of 97. How does that work? Anyway, we pretty much melted.

Once 3:30 rolled around and I left the comfort of my air conditioned office, I melted even more. it eventually made it to 100°. I came home and developed a headache. I got tagged on IG to #stopdropandyoga, so I did a headstand but that (plus my walk) was pretty much the extent of my exercise for the day.

My headache was an asshole and turned into  migraine on me. I ended up laying in front of my biggest fan (ha. Joke never gets old) with no pants…because as I’m told….pants are overrated.

After laying around with an icepack on my head, I took a shower. My headache still didn’t go away, so I caved in and took asprins. I then fell asleep for 10 minutes but with the drool, it felt like 2 hours. 

It’s 10pm now. Its still hotter than hell. I think my bastard of a margarine is coming back. This damn heat!!!


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I hate headaches. Haven’t had a really bad one since December. Knock on wood!! I totally get these days being nonexercise.

Comment by JustDeb

December! Thats a pretty good stint! I hope it lasts til December for you!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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