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#juneathon 8: the calm before the storm.
06.08.14, 17:21
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Does sitting outsit at 101° weather consititue as exercise? I am sweating.  A lot..what’s the difference?

It’s ridiculously hot and I have no idea where it came from. I’ve tried to remain cool yet its not working. Times like these, I wish I still had my pool. ::shrugs:: Least I still have a bathtub…as long as I’m able to pry myself off this plastic lounge chair.

With all that said, its way too hot for me to do anything, YET. I’m going to wait until it gets cooler then I’ll do a core circuit with a plethora of excercises. Because I’ve already said I’m going to do them, that means I have to now because I don’t want to be a liar.

I do attempt a pull up everytime I pass by my bedroom though! It’s not too hot for that….yet.


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Much rather have this 60 degree. Not missing that heat.

Comment by JustDeb

I blew off a 3 mile tempo run today because of the heat. Stepped out onto the driveway and was like….nope, not happening today. It’s 8:20 PM and it’s still 91 degrees.

Too hot to do anything. Yuck.

Comment by Big D

I hear that Big D!! All I’ve done is sit in front of the fan without pants. Not ashamed.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Pants are overrated

Comment by Big D

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