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#juneathon 6: five minutes.
06.07.14, 05:42
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I have less than five minutes to write this because I got to get up and go start mg juneathon day 7!!!

Yesterday on break, I took a walk with KDubb down to sports authoirty and bought a new visor then we Trader Joe’s for some gaucaomle since it was nacho day. Our little stroll was about 20-30 minutes.

Then I got home and EFig called asking to come check out the cars. SURE!! So rather than doing my Yoga I planned to do, I did up/downs (squats) with EFig’s little BabyGal. I also chased her around and did Sumo walks and a few other things. By the time they left, I told EFig that playing with BabyGal was a bettter workout then some of my workout videos I have.

My ribcage has also been sore, in a good way, all day from those sit ups and bosu work yesterday. Except its like a bruise you can stop I’ve been poking my ribs all day……but it hurts so good!


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