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#juneathon 5: back to balls.
06.05.14, 21:04
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Im drawing a blank. I can’t think of what I want to say. I’ll just keep it short and simple so that will give you more time to focus on my pink ball ::winkwink::.

After work I thought of doing something outside, except it was exceptionally hot and muggy. I cleaned the house instead. For some reason there was laundry everywhere!! ‘Specially dry wicking laundry.

I opted to read my book for a little bit..which turned into a lot of bit. Oops.

After I ate dinner and read even more (what can I say? It’s a good book.) I finally started my juneathon shindig. Sweataday and Spartan30 was a given and then I did an additional 30 minutes on the bosu ball. I forgot how “easy” things are on the bosu but then when your done and sweaty and wobbly, you have no clue how that happened…because it felt so “easy.”

Oh, I’m also gonna throw it out there that since I said juneathon marked the start of me also getting my butt into gear…I’m actually doing it! I lost 2 lbs already!! I haven’t talked about it at all lately but 2 lbs is a small victory so I’m taking it for all that its worth.


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Can I be totally nosy and ask what you’re reading? 🙂

Comment by dgobs

Just finished Blur. I’m in the middle of a few. Insurgent. And rereading Fight club, catcher in the rye and a million little pieces. The book I was reading at this particular moment was Fight club.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Thanks! I’m always curious about what people are reading, especially if they say it’s something good. I haven’t read Fight Club yet but I do own it. I’m in the middle of Insurgent right now too.

Comment by dgobs

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