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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Nitro Trail

Nitro Trail was the first race Brazen Racing put on back in 2009. I wasn’t there in 2009 but for the 5th Birthday party….I was there! In the Be Bold, Be Brazen facebook group, they announced that they would be having a group photo taken before the half marathon started. So, as usually we get to the park early. This time…when I say early I mean, we were there 2 hours ahead of time! We just hung out in the car for awhile and I was contemplated on upgrading to the 10k. However, the day prior, for no apparent reason my back was really hurting. Like, tears in my eyes pain. I have no clue what it was caused by but it felt like a crazy wicked pinched nerve. So, with my back still hurting Saturday, I just stuck with the 5k. Closer to the start of the Half, we walked up the hill to the starting line and hung out on the picnic benches doing some stretches and stuff until it was time for the group photo.

That’s what is so awesome about Brazen Racing…when it was time for the group photo, you got a bunch of people, some strangers and some friends all gathering around like we all knew each other for years! We were laughing! In each others “personal space” and it didn’t matter! It was fun!

Can you find me?



How about now?



J was doing the 10k, so after the half and 10k took off, I got to hang out all by myself until it was my turn to line up. I did meet this one guy, who asked me to take his picture. So, I did. We also agreed to meet up after the run so I could take his “finish” photo as well.

Anyway, it was ridiculously windy and cold but there I was…standing in the corral with my shorts and hands tucked inside my t-shirt just waiting for it to be 9:00am. As usually Mr. Brazen gave the pre run announcements…even though he does them at every race, I still like each and every one because they’re all different. He has those subtle jokes just mixed in and if you’re not paying attention you’ll miss them. I also learned from the last time and got closer to the front of the corral, hoping that this will help me beat the bottleneck. This did help because after crossing the start line and approaching the first turn, I wasn’t really “stuck” behind people. I did get caught behind Hot J. Who is this Hot J you ask? For those that read this and do Brazen it should be pretty obvious, but he’s a pretty nice guy, he smells really nice and he’s not bad on the eyes. Well, apparently Hot J wasn’t really running Nitro Trail for himself, but he was running it more as a Coach with this one lady. As I’m trotting along behind him (yes, I admit…also enjoying behind downwind from him because like I said…He smells good!) I’m listening to what he’s saying. He’s telling the lady that he’s coaching, “Ok..We’re going to run down the hill then we’ll stop to walk for 30 seconds at the bend in the road.”

I follow.

“Focus on your breathing…You’re doing great.”

I think I should stick with him the entire time.

“Ok..We’re going to stop to walk for 30 seconds in 5….4……..4…………………….3……………2…………………and…………….1. Ok walk! Fantastic!”

I giggle at his countdown from 5 seconds, which ended up taking him about 10 seconds. Well played, Hot J…Well played.

As Hot J and the lady stopped for the walk, I continued on running along. My lung started to hurt a little bit because of the wind but it didn’t bother me enough to stop. By the time I passed the first mile marker (11:43), I stopped to walk because I took my t-shirt off (I had a tank top on under…don’t worry!) then started my whole run/walk thing off and on. Mile two, had some inclines and the water stop (at 1.8 miles) and I did slow down but carried on passing the second mile marker at 13:09.

Around mile 2.5 my back started to irritate me a little and I felt that I was starting to struggle. I took a few more walk breaks but once we were out of the trees and onto the “open” path, I ran the rest of the way in. I passed the third mile marker at 13:37. I believe Mr. Brazen said the 5k was marked out to be 3.28 miles (Garfield was fairly close at 3.20), so when I came up to the finish line at 40:41, I wanted to punch myself in the face.  42 seconds shy of being in 39 minutes!!!! UGH! I get so frustrated! But then I thought that this course was .18 miles longer, so if I look at it (my way…to justify things), I hit the 5k portion in 39:43! So HA! Under 40!!

Despite trying to justify things, I was still a little hard on myself about that but while I sat there and waited for J to come in, I looked at my previous times for this course (those include the two years I’ve done Nitro Turkey on Thanksgiving Day) and was a little more happy. The first time I did this course (11/2011), I finished in 48:37.  The second year (11/2013 with my broken Hip Flexor) I finished in 43:21. This time around, I finished in 40:41……..I just checked my results and I was wrong! I finished in 40:34!!! Hey…Those 7 seconds count matter!!! So, maybe come November when I do Nitro Turkey again, I’ll be like……38 minutes? I can only hope.


While I’m sitting there, smiling at myself for setting a COURSE PR, that guy I met came over and asked me to take his finish photo and when I was done with that, J came running in. She did pretty good herself, with all things considered so all in all, it was a good race.


We stopped off at the Post Snack area (Why ,wasn’t there a birthday cake? I mean…I was Brazen’s 5th birthday and all) and then headed out. We didn’t stay long because it was still windy and I was getting hungry.




J and I had this genius idea to crash the Run Like a Divas Expo…… *


Yea..Never doing THAT one again. The expo was a bust! The next expo I crash, I’m sticking with the big names…Rock and Roll, San Francisco Marathon, Nike Women’s Half, RunDisney, etc. THOSE are expos….After about 15 minutes we left the expo and made a pit stop at Costco. Luckly, all I walked out with was toilet paper because we all know that one can walk up to the Costco check out with 3 items and still pay $238.94! Buying in Bulk, not for the win!

After the J and AR Shenanigans show was over, I came home took a shower and was going to take a nap. I was beat! Except that, while I was laying there A just kept talking and talking! He knew I wanted a nap, but that didn’t stop him. What was going to be a 45 minute nap ended up only being 12 minutes long since I had to get ready to go to dinner with the parents/InLaws/J. I could barely keep my eyes open while I was digging into my steak and baked potato! By the time my night was over…I was never so happy to see my bed!


*Its only after this point that the blog then becomes less than par. I’m getting tired and I didn’t feel like writing much more detail. Sleep is more important some times.


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