Attempted Runner.

#juneathon 4: Exhausting…

Happy National Running Day!!!!!


Did I run today? No….but I did running related things. The RunDisney early registration for annual passholders opened today for the Star Wars half marathon weekend. After much discussion yesterday, it was decided that I would sign up for the Rebel Challenge (10k and Half – 19.3 miles over two days). So when 9am was upon us, I was already registering. J finished her registration and got in the Rebel Challenge. I was finishing up mine (this is now only about 3-4 minutes since registration opened) and I click submit for payment….

“we’re sorry!”

The rebel challenge sold out!! In 3 minutes!!!!!! In a panic, I registered for the half and was pissed off and bummed out all at the same time.

For the next hour and a half, I contemplated on signing up for the 10k and doing the unoffcial Rebel Challenge. Finally, a flip of Darth AbeVader and I was registering for the 10k as well.


I’m still upset that I didn’t get into the rebel challenge, but I figure I can buy a shirt at the expo (unless that sells out too!) and J may have figured a way for something special. We’ll keep that a secret for a while though. Let’s just say, the Empire strikes back and welcome to the Dark Side.

After that exhausting morning (making tough decisions like that are tiring), I then got excited again and for the next few hours just talked about the Star Wars weekend and what costumes I’ll be doing.

The last three hours of work was when I really kicked it into high gear and completed 6 hours worth of work. Now that! Was exhausting too!!

I left work early to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned…its weird, but relaxing. There have been a few times where I almost fell asleep right there on the chair with the hygienist working away.


Once that was done, I got stuck in traffic. What took me 25 minutes to get to the dentists, took me an hour and 5 minutes to get home…yep, you guessed it..exhausting!!

I got home and immediately started making dinner. I wad starving!! Next thing I know its 8:30 and I’m finishing up a race recap.

To get at least some sort of activity in, I did 50 sit ups. I’m so glad I do sweataday and Spartan30…it gives me some physical activity even on the days that I’m busy/tired/lazy!



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I would love to do one of the Disney races! They sound amazing

Comment by Reallyarunner

Bucketlist it!! They are fun!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Sold out in 3 minutes?! That’s crazy! I’m sorry they cut you off right as you were about to pay… that’s even worse. Hopefully the half will be fun, and fingers crossed that you can nab a shirt!

Comment by dgobs

The half and 10k I signed up for (my own unofficial rebel challenge) will be fun! It’s RunDisney!! It’s the day’s following that I’ll probably dislike.

Comment by Attempted Runner

It’s weird that you could register separately but not under the challenge. Maybe the Disney folk can help you?

I’m envious. That and the Avengers race sound like so much fun.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

It’s worth a shot emailing, but they usually have a cap on challenges due to the number of medals/t-shirts/etc.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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