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#juneathon 3: Sit ups? I’m pretty much a professional at them.
06.03.14, 21:47
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This afternoon was full of activities! Work was work and that’s all I’ll say about that. The minute I walked in the door, I hit the floor.

Well…I let the pups outside, went pee (you’re welcome) and changed into some workout clothes. Then I hit the floor.

I did the #Spartan30 day 2 and 3 cause I think I did day 1 on both days. I got confused
on the videos but now I’m all caught up. I did 30 of those kettlebell up things (15 on each arm) and then the 30 second L sit. Those were followed by the tricep dips/slides for #sweataday.

Good ‘Ol A came home and kept to his word. We went on a bicycle ride for a little over 3 miles. Most was all uphill and then A decided he wanted to sight see. Except the street we turned down had a huge ass hill. I stood up and started pedaling hard! I only got like 5% up the hill when I forgot to change my gears and my pedals wouldn’t even move!!! I laughed a bunch but eventually got off my bicycle and started jogging up the hill pushing my bike. I got more around 60% up the hill before I walked the rest. Stupid hills. They get the best of me every time. Anyway, after I made it to the top…the rest was all downhill from there.

We got home and I made dinner then challenged A to a sit up competition. Yesterday he said he wanted to start doing them but he fell asleep. Today, he said he would. At 8:30, I asked when he was going to do his set. He asked when I was going to do mine but I said I already did them. He said to me, he says… Excuses.

Challenege accepted!


I got my butt off the floor and started doing more sit ups. When I reached 10, A got on the floor with me and started doing them too. On principle, I aimed for 50. When I hit 50, he was on 30. I kept going. I was on 60. He was on 40. I told him just ten more…he stopped at 42. Jesse was sitting on my chest, so I upped it. I thought that since I did 60 and the 30 from earlier…that I might as well just do 100. So, since Jess was with me, I held him up above me, my arms extended out (added 12 pounds) and did the last ten situps. 100! Boom!

Wait……just wait one gosh darn pickin moment..after A walked away, I did 10 butterfly ups!!!! That means….I did 110 today! Hot damn!!

But yea…I’m finally better at something than he is! Take that!! 


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Well done and I love the polar bear pic

Comment by shazruns

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