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#Juneathon 2: Books are for dumbbells.
06.02.14, 20:10
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I started the day out in a grumpy mood. Everyone annoyed me and it just got worse as the day proceeded. Then things dramatically change, kind of like, “Heeeeere’s Johnny!” busting through your bathroom door and all is well again.

I left work early to go to the County Office….

(It would be more interesting if I said the D.A’s office, but that was next door…) because some things were sent off without my approval. How is it that someone else doesn’t do their job and I’m the one that’s being inconvenienced? Oh well…I was able to leave work an hour early.

On my way home I was getting back into that irritated mood. Bipolar, much? It didn’t help that I was stopped by a neighbor who just talks and talks and talks.

I don’t care what you have to say. I’ve already heard it four times before. I eventually left and made it home at the EXACT time I normally get home when I stay at work for my entire shift. So much for enjoying the extra hour, I got.

Being irritated, I went straight for the swestaday. Maybe doing excercise will give me endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. (Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands – Elle).

Todays #sweataday was prone hamstring curls. I grabbed the dumbbell that was set for about 6 pounds. I did the sweat a day for 2 minutes or so…enough to get decent video to upload for the challenege.

Then….I thought, hey…that was pretty easy. 

I grabbed a book, adjusted the dumbbell to about 11 pounds and laid right there on the ground reading my book. Doing hamstring curls. Because that’s normal.


Ten minutes later, a few pages in and legs like Jell-O, I stopped.

I saw that Spartan has a 30 day sit up challenge. I figured, why the hell not? The more challenges a month I have, the less exercises/activities I have to come up with for Juneathon.


Since I noticed the #spartan30 on day two, I just doubled up and did 60 split between the two different versions that Dylan Davis (?) listed.

I grabbed an old composition notebook and wrote down how long it took me to do the 30(x2) sit ups. I thought I can check my progress at the end of the month. What took me 1:30 (butterfly) or 1:18 (classic since I didn’t see today’s called “the post”…which i knew them as Russian Sit ups) now may take me 58 seconds at the end of the month.
I also wrote down the sweat a day’s and how long I did them, and in the last column I’ll put any additional excercise that I do.

I was doing well. Less irritated and back to my normal self. I had dinner (I’m trying REALLY hard this time and had a salad and only 1/4 of my pizza!!) and got settled in. I grabbed my book and pen (I’m one of those people who mark up books with notes or favorite quotes and what not…) and started to “unwind.”

Then Milo came over and kept nudging me to pet him.

Then Jesse came over and started whining and scratching me since I was petting Milo.

Then A comes over and lays his head on my lap and starts snoring.

My little corner of the couch was now cluttered with three boys cramping my style and NOT allowing me to read.

Yep, you guessed it!! I got irritated all over again.

I got two options…go get ice cream or go get some more endorphins then go to bed before anything else can ruin my high…

I’ll go do pushups and squats, now.


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I’ve definitely had days like this. It makes me feel a little crazy, but I think it’s normal. Hopefully today will be better!

P.S. I love that you read while doing hamstring curls! 🙂

Comment by dgobs

Multitasking at its finest!

Comment by Attempted Runner

You’re tough, I would’ve gone for the ice cream!

Comment by JustDeb

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