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#Juneathon 1: Getting into the swing of things.
06.01.14, 20:29
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Today doesn’t just mark the first day of Juneathon….that I completely forgot about…but it also marks the last day of goofing off.

Yea, yea, I keep playing the same song and dance but with Juneathon…maybe it’ll help.

Yesterday, I did the Nitro Trail run (race recap coming soon) so I was looking forward to sleeping in. That didn’t happen. I should have known. Everyday I’ve been waking up at 4 am for no reason. Anyway, I woke up a little stiff and with tired legs. I made some waffles for breakfast and headed out with A to Mopar Alley. For A, it is him lookin at classic cars and scoping out the swap meet for parts. For me, its just walking around in circles, while getting sun burned for 2 hours.

Once that was over, we walked around downtown for a tiny bit before heading home. It was only then, when I got home and slouching on the sofa, was I reminded that Juneathon started today. I could say that walking around the car show for 2 hours was my activity for the day, but that seems a little lame.

I got off my butt and did the last three days (5/30-5/31 and 6/1) of Sweat A Day. Its nothing to write home about but it brought on a little sweat and tired arms. That topped with Alley, it was a nice SLOW ease into the whole shebang.

I promise I’ll do something more exciting tomorrow.


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